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Ro Posts: 38


I've got a V800, which I bought from the UK. I am having some problems with it and wondered if any others had the same issues.

I've got the 3G SIM, and all the vodafone live settings . It was working well until about a week ago, and now I cannot connect to any data services while on the 3G network. If I manually select 2.5G, it works fine, but obviously at a slower speed. This applies to Vodafone Live and Email using as the apn. I have spoken to Vodafone support, and while very helpful (much better than O2), they say that it's a network vs phone compatibility problem, and that since the phone is not released here, they cannot support it. This seems strange, since it was working fine.

I also have a second problem. When in Dublin city centre, I cannot make or receive calls while on the 2.5G network. It's fine on 3G, or if I move from 3G to 2.5G coverage while on a call, the call continues fine. If I finish the call and try to start a new call, I cannot. I get the "calling" message, but never the "connecting" message.

I have tried all possible remedies, even gotten a new SIM, I even tried my SIm in another 3G phone, and it worked fine.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Posted: 2005-01-02 22:00:19
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scotsboyuk Posts: > 500


Unfortunately you have very few options available to you. Vodafone Ireland's network will not have been configured to support the V800, so data services may not work, as you have found out. Having said that, if it was working origninally then there is the scope for it to be able to function properly.

I remember themarques using a Z1010 on the 3 network here in the UK and he experienced problems with that. Being a similar situation you may want to pm him, he may be better able to advise you.

The problems you are having with making phone calls is no doubt related to the problems you are having with data services. It would appear that Vodafone Ireland's 3G network 'doesn't recognise' your V800.
Posted: 2005-01-02 22:43:08
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voda_jon Posts: > 500

that is entirely true... if the network hasnt 'Officially' released the handset it prob wont work 100%. Sometimes it will b ok but things like picture messaging an data services will b unuseable as certain things need to be configured on the networks side first.

We have had big problems with the samsung d500 in the UK. Officially the network (voda) hasnt launched the fone and all they get is customers from singlepoint and link and CPW complaining they cant send or recieve MMS even though they have the right settings...

U gonna av to jus hold tight... shouldnt b too long for the release.
Posted: 2005-01-03 21:06:18
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eoin Posts: 1

its released now in ireland so try CS again.
Posted: 2005-01-06 14:48:23
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