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trancedancer Posts: 206

I used to own a Nokia, have had several different models, but my latest one was a Nokia 6210, I was VERY satisfied with it!
But then came the Ericsson T68, and I couldn't resist the temptation of getting my hands on one!
So far, I am VERY SATISFIED with this one too!
But there are some things, very useful things that I miss on my T68...

1. NOT being able to see the emailadresses or other information about a contact when entering the phonebook; today it's so stupid, You have to enter the "EDIT CONTACT"-meny to be able to SEE other information than phonenumbers!!!! This is VERY SILLY, I think!
2. NOT being able to save SMS OR mails for that matter in different folders IN the phone's memory! On my Nokia 6210 I used to have many different folders, containing important and private SMS-messages that I didn't want to erase or just wanted to keep in my phone...
On the Ericsson, the only way is to save the SMS on the SIM-card, and they will be in no logical order at all, and You can't save many SMS-messages at all, despite of the big memory on the phone! This is silly too!

Hope that SOMEBODY at Ericsson Development Team (or whatever it is called) reads this!
I am SURE that there are MANY out there, owning a T68 that agree with me on these simple features! Right or wrong???


PS. Otherwise, I am MORE than satisfied with my wonderful, beautiful phone! DS.
Posted: 2002-01-16 18:28:00
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GOwin Posts: > 500

I agree with some "illogical" features in the erisson software. I use a T39, and previously a nokia 6150.
This is my software/function wishlist
* I'd like to be able to view info (name, company, fax, email, etc) of a contact without having to "edit"
* I'd like to see faster response time in the user interface. (If any of you had the chance to use a 6150 (the new nokias seem slower), you'd appreciate the fast response time of the menu)
* Easier SMS interface (The T9 helps a lot here)

That's all, I guess

Posted: 2002-01-20 23:53:00
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kjetil Posts: 44

The T39m has the same problems
Posted: 2002-01-22 16:12:00
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