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marcsteinemann Posts: 39

orange doesn't offer mms. and when they do you will not lnow it... mostly, orange doesn't anounce changes on the web page. the last change with the gprs prices got only published after an email where i told them that this is not conforming to swiss law. they simply stopped the gprs for wap for 5 chf per month and substituted it by chf 5 per month for acces to their portal and a rather high price per mb.
well, this was the end of my gprs subscription. i know that the backbone mb prices cannot be the same in gsm networks, but from 5u$ per gb to 10 chf per mb is exagerated.
so are the swisscom and the sunrise prives. i'm not talking about sending mms for 1 to 2 chf per mms, i'm talking about paying a fortune for accessing emails with imap or reading news with wap.
using gprs for internet on the laptop is only for rich people. but i think they will not pay because to get rich one has to know how to get along with money....
i have 512 kbs at home and 100mbs at work. the few hours on business trips will stay connection freee if prices remain that high.

could go on for hours complaining about the gsm providers, but i think everybody out there could.

there are simply not enough providers in swiss.
Posted: 2002-07-18 22:56:00
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Deltayoda Posts: > 500

What about Orange in France? Is Orange all the same around Europe?

Looking for a French provider that can offer me Email and GPRS access for my IPAQ without some additional ridiculous extra charges.

Posted: 2002-07-19 00:45:00
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marcsteinemann Posts: 39

my experiences with france are limited to sms traffic:
from orange swiss it is possible to send sm(s) to orange france and sfr.
from sfr no sm make their way to orange swiss and only some sm from orange france.
orange france even charges for sending sm from their web portal.

Posted: 2002-07-19 10:26:00
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