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innumonenu Posts: 27

Hello all,
I have just joined this group and having a Ericsson T65 in India.

Could someone help on the following with T65,
1. Is it possible save a Phone number from the call list to the phone book? ie. If someone calls the number appears - can we store this number or we have to type manually in the phone book!

2. When a entry in the address book is added the phone is entered in the following format +(International Code)(MobileNumber) ie +919845312345. Now when we call the contact through the address book, this is the number which is dialled. My question is since the number is stored in international format would it be a international call or a local call. How will the distinction between local and intl calls made?

3. I tried to recieve a logo through SMS in India (Airtel - Bangalore). But when the SMS is opened it has some junk characters and am unable to save it. Is it because T65 doesn't support logos or not possible to recieve logos via SMS or is it an Operator problem?

4. Same as point 3, unable to get a Ringtone through SMS. The SMS have the medoly (BEGIN etc..) but how to set that as a Ringtone?

Kindly help?

Posted: 2002-07-19 09:34:00
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trancetripper Posts: 78

hi sorry
im from india calcutta
i was wondering where u got ure t65 for.. and for how much tx

me emails trancetripper(at)

please do respond
i got one from singapore and had to return it coz it had problems
im stuck with my old siemens c 28

Posted: 2002-07-21 17:45:00
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innumonenu Posts: 27

got it in Bangalore for Rs.9000
Posted: 2002-07-22 06:25:00
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trancetripper Posts: 78

with or without billl


Posted: 2002-08-07 15:19:00
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innumonenu Posts: 27

Hi Trancetripper,
With bill..

Are u from India? If so which part of India?
Also can u help me sending a SMS using T65 with Airtel.
When I go to Messages\Options\SMS\Service Centres - One number is automatically there!!

When I compose a new message through,
Messages\SMS\Write New
and type something and Press Yes, It asks for Email Gateway!!
I tried asking the service provider they said nothing is available of Email gateway etc..
So I tried putting the same number available under SMS service center to Email gateway, ...
Then when i compose, it asks for Address and not a mobile phone number to send the SMS!!
Could somebody help me out with the process of configuring SMS in T65??
Posted: 2002-08-08 05:50:00
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trancetripper Posts: 78

well u r trying to configure email not sms
unless u have wap suort u cannoy configure email..
to cnfig sms.. choose text format and put in ure sms gateway

Posted: 2002-10-04 10:52:00
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