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nessaizfit Posts: 165

Not a bad idea actually, ppl like me would benefit from having a section for other items. Simply because i do a lot of selling/buying over the net and a lot of it isnt mobile related and there seems to be a lot of trusted ppl here so that is a starting point. Also, it gives people like me who are under 18 (im only 16) a chance to sell things on 1 site insted of using ebay which i am too young to use. ppl say ppl under 18 aint trust worthy on the net wen there are plenty of ppl the same age and younger than me that do interet deals. So i agree totally about a new section!!!
Posted: 2005-03-23 21:03:21
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tranquil Posts: > 500

I think this whole thing has been totally turned up side down now.
Why use Ebay when Esato is for free? That is what I read between the lines here.
If Laffen were to make a non mobile related sales forum I think he schould charge equal to Ebay for items sold.
You trust the members of Esato?
You don't have a credit card?
You are too young to use the facilities of Ebay?
I don't buy most of the arguments you guys have come up with yet.
I believe you don't want to pay for selling.
Esato was created for mobile phones and developed to be a hang out place for people with an interest, above average, for mobile telephony. If Laffen were to create a sales forum for PCs, cars, mopeds, tractors, stereos, TVs, watches, game consoles and everything else not related to the basics of Esato he should charge for it. He runs Esato for everyone to learn about mobile phones and meet equals for free. Everything not related to the essence of the Esato ideology should be avalable at a charge.

Sorry if I sound harsh but I think people taking advantage of someones' generousity ought to sell their stuff elsewhere.

Posted: 2005-03-23 23:32:00
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MikLSP Posts: > 500

@ tranquil
Actually I was perfectly serious about feeling safer here dealing with people I know I can trust & its nothing to do with fees!
Also I was meaning more from a buyers point of view than a sellers so that doesn't affect fees.
I wouldn't want to buy expensive items e.g. a laptop, on ebay as I just don't trust it enough even though I'm sure lots of people do BUT I wouldn't hessitate to buy such an item on here from PeterKay for example!

The very fact that I created the A-Z of Trusted Sellers should confirm my stance on this matter.

As for the point that we should be charged to sell non-mobile items.......will we need to pay a fee to use the mobile phone free zone forum also?!
Posting & chatting about non-mobile related things is as much removed from the supposed ideals of Esato as selling such items is.

I think the essence of Esato is that it has become a complete community of people & friends and not just a good site to get info on phones!

I can't see any disadvantage of allowing these sales. Scammers will come either way and they're more likely to try it on with the latest phone 'for sale' anyway.

If we're going to start getting restrained here it would be a shame but innevitably people will move their business (phones too) to another site with more SE-NSE!!
It's the users that make this site what it is & not the fact that its for phones. As pointed out earlier, more hits on Esato & its sponsors benefits the site.

Posted, as always, from my P905!

Using the Esato Market?
Check sellers feedback and leave feedback of your own (seller or buyer):
The A-Z Of Trusted Sellers

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Posted: 2005-03-23 23:58:00
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JiggyJaggy Posts: > 500

Alot of the people on here are good friends now....I can vouch for close to 70-100 people I can say I REALLY know on here and its a good way to communicate with people atound the world.

In the same way we trade mobile telephony equipment, its nice to be able to provide people with other items or swap items etc. I give you the example of someone offering me a PC software cd which was bought legally and they did not want it. It enabled me to use my P9xx do upload/download software with my pc.

I subsequently showed that to business cutomers and corporate clients at work and recommended Esato as a place to communicate thoughts and problems. So whats so wrong with that?

I know your going to say well selling an Audi on here (like i advertised myself - i will be honest) has nothing to do with mobile phones/telephony...but we have a "NON MOBILE DISCUSSION" section so why not a non-mobile items for sale/trade section?

Perhaps there could be a way to charge people a monthly subscription of a dew 's to use the for sale section...or publically advertise that we should sponser more...I can honestly say that most of the new users dont realise the site is run on donations/advertisements.

Your thoughts please???

Posted: 2005-03-24 00:29:42
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GOwin Posts: > 500

Here's something hypothetical:

IF laffen creates a market forum for non-mobile related stuff and charges you a for such a facility, will you pay?

You're benefitting from the goodwill of esato (members you can trust and vouch for, discussion forums, etc.) so why not give back to esato as well?

Managing the market forums takes a fair share of the time of the EsatoTeam
Posted: 2005-03-24 05:17:00
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tranquil Posts: > 500

I'm behind Gowin in his view.

My post last night might have been a bit OTT but I mean what I said. I used a few (maybe a bit too) direct examples to underline my view and I'm sorry if I was out of line and unfair.
I just think that where money is involved and the issue goes beyond the essence of Esato Laffen should be allowed to make a buck or two on it.
Posted: 2005-03-24 08:35:00
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Mike.P Posts: > 500

Ok, so if Laffen charges users to make a sale will he also cover any losses if the sale goes wrong?
If you are going to start making money out of people then a certain responsibility also comes with that.
Posted: 2005-03-24 09:03:22
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MikLSP Posts: > 500

Mike.P has a damn good point there!

And how is people selling non-mobile related items any more removed from the 'essence of Esato' that talking about them.

Here's another point:
IF laffen begins to charge sales will I be receiving a percentage also?!!!! Without trying to blow my own trumpet but I'm pretty sure the A-Z of Trusted Sellers has boosted the number of sales made here & hence it would increase laffens income from the market. I know I've done deals because I was confident I could trust the seller which I wouldn't have done without that thread!
Also I have to put in the time & effort to maintain it for the benefit of Esato users

I'm not saying I want paying or anything, just another side to the hypothetical arguement
Posted: 2005-03-24 09:17:00
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PeterKay Posts: > 500

Totally agree Mik.

The thing that i don't understand is, how difficult is it to create a new section in the market forums for non mobile related items?

With the efficiency of Esato, it can't be too difficult. Most of the members would be happy with a new section without having the hasell to go to other websites like Ebay.

Why spoil a happy family!

End of the day - when the sun goes down, it's Laffens choice. Whatever he decides we must follow. Hopefully the final decision will be in favour of most Esato members
"Verily in the heavens and the earth, are Signs for those who believe"

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Posted: 2005-03-24 10:04:15
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batesie Posts: > 500

This site is 100% free, and it should stay 100% free. i think what laffen is asking is fair enough, as this is a mobile phone forum at the end of the day.

MikLSP what youve done is great with your list, keep up the good work.

I think there needs to be some limitations on whats posted, as all sorts of people will find it through google, people not into mobiles searching for unrelated things.
Posted: 2005-03-24 11:04:02
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