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sumoboi_T68_uk Posts: 6

can anyone please tell me how much these will be and who already has
Posted: 2002-08-26 15:13:00
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stephenawright Posts: 5

hi there

i can supply these phones for 320 and they come with 1 year warranty sealed and free delivery to UK Roughly 10 extra for worldwide delivery.

Contact if you are interested

The P800 will not be released until the new year if you need a pic of this phone thats no hassle !!

Kind Regards

Posted: 2002-10-22 15:13:00
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lazarini Posts: > 500

muhaHHAHAHAHAAH yeah right u have the phones the p800 s cmon wher is the proof =?????
Posted: 2002-10-22 15:16:00
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