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tombee Posts: 20

I was just wondering if this site looks at your personal logo's? Its just that i created a VW logo for the phone and up loaded it to my area. came back to the site the next day and saw my logo..

Ok i might not be mine but it's exactly the same in everyway!

I don't have a problem with this, thought that it was kind of cool! Just wondered thats all!
Posted: 2001-11-30 15:11:00
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laffen Posts: > 500

When you upload a logo, you have the choice to share the logo with the rest of our visitors. Some logos are of personal character (babies, wife, dogs etc.) and are not ment for sharing with others. You can easily protect your logo to be shared with others by following these steps:

When you have uploaded a logo, you should edit the settings for that logo by unchecking the "Available to other Esato visitors" checkbox. If this checkbox is uncheck, we will not see the logo or copy it to the public listing.

We regulary browse the list of logos with the settings "Available to other visitors" and copy the best of them (not porn) to the public listing.
Posted: 2001-11-30 15:25:00
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