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|||XerXes®||| Posts: 78

Well lets jus hope such athing dosent happen...But if it does then i guess ericsson shld merge with Nokia...When nokia and ericsson merge together...there will be a total domination of the phone and ericsson will be can continue producing hps for kids and ericsson can continue producing phones for the high end users and they both will enjoy sharing technology frm each other...and as for what they will call themself...they shld name their products XerXes.... well atleast it sounds better then nokisson etc etc...
Posted: 2002-08-30 11:53:00
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all8 Posts: 372

Isn't bad enough to have one " Bill Gates" in Software Industry? Why do we need to create another "Bill Gates" in telecommunication industry?

Posted: 2002-08-30 12:05:00
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viper_2090 Posts: 1


Good point mate. We don't want another monopoly on our hands, it would kill all the other mobile companies which will mean we would loose some perhaps innovative designs and breakthroughs
Posted: 2002-08-30 12:16:00
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kapitan jackal Posts: > 500

Ericsson will not merge with nokia in this lifetime. that will be stupid. dont we think ericsson did not thought of that? and for nokia, well if they just can buy ericsson in any price, they will.

we have to remember that sony "buys-out" ericsson because of their unprecedented and continuous loss.

nokia, if they can and if given a chance will force everybody in teh market to merge with him. (short term for monopoly) but ericsson would not do that because they already have a market (too small though) and a brand.

sony will help ericsson to "pump up" its capital' and to 're-brand' thier products. (japanese branding #1 in asia). ericsson is doing well in europe, but nothing in asia-pacific (were nokia dominates)

as of technology, nokia will not create a phone based on a ericsson blueprint (they just dont think and work like that) simply because if they did, their fate will be the same with ericsson.

that why i admire how nokia sell thier products (or thier brand), in the case of ericsson, well they the best phones, but they dont know how to sell it.

Posted: 2002-08-30 12:43:00
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bart Posts: > 500

nokia is more a brand an difirent design then ericsson, i like ericsson more and alsow the navigation and the menu. its clear and simple and has got more to offer then ericsson. ok nokia has got some good things 2 but so do most of the brands.
yes sony has been on the market for a long time. the first phone whit internal antenna was a sony and not the nokia 3210. i know because my dad had one a few mounths before the 3210 came out.
if nokia would ever team up they would choose siemens they are about the same about design. there is actually no great partner for ericsson, i don't think this thing whit sony will do much good. for sony they would've better choosen alcatel. but thats what i think
Posted: 2002-08-31 16:04:00
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decoy7 Posts: > 500

SonyEriccson - i still think it can work, but i'm an optimist.

all the press release means is if the next few quarters continue to show a dive on market share then they should pull out while they can.

regardless of who has the best phone on the GSM handset market this makes perfect business sense.

mass buying public rarely purchase the 'best' phones and increased market share does not equal best product.

i think the pairing of Ericsson & Sony was and still is a good one, just remains to be seen whether the phone buying public takes to their handsets....they made the best high end phone(T68), they should have made sure they made the best middle and low end phone and not them fisherprice looking handsets i've seen...they're the ones than drive market share.
Posted: 2002-08-31 16:24:00
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wrecked_porsche Posts: > 500

That is way you all have to buy the P800 AND the T300

Long Live !!
Posted: 2002-08-31 16:46:00
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|||XerXes®||| Posts: 78

Well i guess after hearing all your views its best for ericsson to stay with sony...Even if they part ericsson will survive as long as there are ericsson lovers like us ard....
Posted: 2002-08-31 17:30:00
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Deltayoda Posts: > 500

No way, I want a Nokisson!

Posted: 2002-09-02 14:48:00
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orang3 Posts: > 500

hmm .. i guess... tht samsung and nokia is gona join instead read this ..

Nokia confirms Samsung phone GUI win
By Andrew Orlowski in London
Posted: 30/08/2002 at 14:43 GMT

Nokia has confirmed that handset rival Samsung will incorporate the Series 60 GUI and software stacks into future smartphones - five months after The Register exclusively brought you the news.

Samsung became the first licensee for Series 60, and since then Siemens and Matsushita, which markets phones under the Panasonic brand, have also climbed on board. Samsung executives confirmed that it had thus become a Symbian licensee a few days later at the CeBIT show. A Nokia spokesperson told us that the contract had only been finalized over the summer.

Nokia's aggressive policy of licensing its crown jewels to rivals is intended to snuff out the challenge from Microsoft's Stinger smartphone platform. However Stinker, as it's become known, seems to be doing the job quite nicely without any intervention.

Samsung, like most vendors, is platform-agnostic, and the biggest licensee for Stinker: two weeks ago pictures of its SCH-I600 were disclosed in a regulatory filing submitted to the FTC.

The first Series 60-based phone, Nokia's own 7650 [review], began shipping in volume this summer. ®

Posted: 2002-09-02 18:06:00
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