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shevchenko2000 Posts: 6

Hello everyone,

I am interesting to buy T68i or T68 in any condition (UK only). Must be unlocked. Make good offer please.

Posted: 2002-09-02 01:54:00
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JiggyJaggy Posts: > 500

Hi i have a t68i sim-free all networks for sale. It still has 10 months on warrenty. Slight scratch on top corner. with box receipt manuals etc.
Jagemail: +44"> 7980 268 681
Posted: 2002-09-10 01:41:00
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silence Posts: 14

i a have t68i in excellent condition, with box, charger, and also the camera if you're interested. I bought it sim free so you can put any sim card in.

contact 07751 240 285
Posted: 2002-09-21 11:29:00
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Hello I have a t68i in stock and priced well please call 1877-876-7393 toll free
the phone is new and unlocked
Posted: 2002-10-25 23:47:00
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Eleventy7 Posts: > 500 - the key word in the thread name and in the original post was "UK" (followed by "only" in the post), and ur advertising a commercial site in the US. Point being what exactly?
Posted: 2002-10-26 10:45:00
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t68-voda Posts: 57

I've got one which has a very strange prolem...
but i suggest u to have a look on
u will find some useful information!!
I'm sure there r more than 10 brand new t68(i)s
Posted: 2002-11-29 02:02:00
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jai_hou Posts: 69

Hi mate got a sim-free t68m (with upgraded s/w) in mint condition. comes with charger, box, manual. can also sell u case and data cable if interested. lmk at
Posted: 2002-12-11 18:49:00
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