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pantsofpoo Posts: 36

I've downloaded some gifs I want to use as backgrounds, but when I go to explorer to send via Ir, the option isn't there.

I've got IR activated, and it says theres a connection to the T68.

Do I need any other software ? And if so where do I get it from.

I've tried installing the communication suite, but as I don't use Outlook, it refuses to install.

Please help


Posted: 2001-12-01 16:19:00
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Kimi Posts: 293

Which Windows version do you use? If it is Windows ME, 2000 or XP, just double-click on the IR-icon in the taskbar. There you can browse for your files you want to upload. Windows 98 I don't know...

Well - the sync-software: for the T68 you can use the same software as for the T65. For that phone Ericsson offers 5 different combinations of software, opposed to 2 packages for the T68: configuration-manager only, config-mng plus phonebook-editor, the same as before, but additionally with XTND-connect software for Outlook. So I think you need package 2. You can download that on the Ericsson site in the area for the T65. Don't worry, it works, I'm using that software myself.

Posted: 2001-12-01 23:02:00
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pantsofpoo Posts: 36

Thanks for this - I am using Windows 98, but I'll try the stuff you suggested

Posted: 2001-12-03 12:45:00
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