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Funky-Fish Posts: 23

Hi, I live @ the US, and im goin on a vacation @ the UK....
My question is about pricing.....i went to and looked at some Cell prices...what i am wondering about is if the "Expensys" reflects the average prices foe Cellular Phones over the UK.
Generally, i will stay in London, but i wouldnt mind to travel to Manchester to save some extra Pound....
OH, and Before London i will be in Amsterdam (NL) , does it gets chipper over there?

I would love to get some references about recomended Cell Phones shops @ London area and Amsterdam..

Thnx in advance,
Posted: 2002-09-21 17:28:00
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riflogic Posts: > 500

Expansys prices are a bit cheaper for SIM free handsets over here. Shops (high street) prices are a bit higher than Expansys. You can have a look at to give yourself a bit of an idea. I havent got an idea about prices outside London. Traditionally London has always been expensive. Anyways you could get the tax refunded that you will pay on the phone (17.5%) at the time of purchase when flying back to US.
Posted: 2002-09-21 22:33:00
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hampshire_lad Posts: 0

a guy i work with father in law lives in Holland and apparantly the handesets are a lot cheaper there then in the uk

Posted: 2002-09-23 00:49:00
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ultimatemobiles Posts: 328

Please use:

Posted: 2002-09-23 00:57:00
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