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captainsm Posts: > 500


Just got this phone from Hongkong. The seller promised me that a servicecenter would be able to flash it to swedish languages.

Turns out it can't be done so now i'm looking for a trade with someone that has got a T68i and might want a T68ie with english and chinese input.

My phone is 3 weeks old and in extremely good condition.

I'm looking to trade to a phone in similar condition so no 8 months old worn out units please

My joystick counter shows 6000, just to give you an idea.

Posted: 2002-10-23 21:05:00
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allen7 Posts: 11

Hi captainsm,

Is your T68ie still up for trade?

Does it have the Chinese BoPoMoFo on the keypad?

If so, I am interested. My T68i is from AT&T but fully unlocked, less than 3000 joystick moves.
Posted: 2002-11-08 19:03:00
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