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laffen Posts: > 500

The Sony Ericsson K850 Cyber-Shot is a tri-band HSDPA phone with 5 megapixels camera with flash.
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Sony Ericsson K850 Cyber-shot(TM) phone 5 megapixel camera phone with Auto focus and Xenon flash Tri-Band HSDPA phone for high-speed picture and video blogging Advanced digital camera features - BestPic(TM), Photo fix and PictBridgeBeautiful images - The 5 megapixel camera with auto focus and Xenon flash produces true digital camera results.  Even if you are not an expert photographer, the K850 does everything to help you get the best possible shots on your phone. Photo fix automatically improves light balance in one click to make your picture as good as it can get. When taking a picture of a moving object, for example at a sports event, you can select BestPic(TM) and take nine pictures in one burst. Then simply choose the best and delete the rest. Beautifully simple - Increased functionality does not mean increased complexity. When in camera mode the K850's next generation camera menu makes it intuitive to scroll between functions like shoot mode and picture size. The lens cover retracts automatically with one press of the camera button and a new mode selector lets you switch quickly between camera, video and picture viewing modes. The regular phone keyboard also has a dual purpose; switch to camera mode and illuminated icons indicate which keys act as short-cuts for the digital zoom and other functions.Easy to access - Beyond the camera, the K850 is a capable multimedia phone. The new media browser puts all of your stored media, whether photos, video, music or podcasts, in one place offering you a unique Sony Ericsson media experience. Scroll, sort and access your media from a single point in the menu. The K850 Cyber-shot(TM) phone also allows you to carry out an intelligent search to see photos by the month they were taken, view thumbnail images or scroll through in full-picture mode. With the new crystal display, the K850 offers optimal clarity from any viewing angle.Easy to share - Once you have taken your picture it is easy to share the memory. If showing a photo on the K850's large 2.2" crystal bright display, the innovative auto rotate feature will display it in the correct aspect - portrait or landscape - irrespective of the orientation it was taken in. Picture blogging and video blogging allow you to upload your shots and footage at HSDPA speeds to your own blogsite. Easy to pair - Given the premium look of the K850 Cyber-shot(TM) phone, you will want to match it with an accessory that looks just as good. Announced today as an optional accessory, the Bluetooth(TM) Headset IV840 fits discretely and securely into your ear. This high-performance headset can leave you handsfree for up to 9 hours of talking. It can pair automatically with the K850 for easy set-up, whilst digital noise cancellation provides for optimum sound quality. So, like the K850, the IV840 does not compromise performance or ease of use. Facts and FiguresSize: 102 x 48 x 17 mm
Weight: 118 grams
Colours: Luminous Green Velvet Blue
Screen: 262,144 colour TFT
Resolution: 240 x 320 pixels
Size: 2.2 inches
Phone memory: Up to 40 MB
Memory card support: Memory Stick Micro(TM) (M2(TM)) and SanDisk micro SD(TM)/Transflash(TM)
Networks: K850i (UMTS/HSDPA 850/1900/2100-GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900)
K858c (GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900)
Talk time GSM/UMTS: Up to 9 hrs/3 hrs 30 min
Standby time GSM/UMTS: Up to 400 hrs/350 hrs
Video call time (K850): Up to 3 hrs 20 min The Sony Ericsson K850 Cyber-shot(TM) phone is a Tri-Band HSDPA and Quad-Band GPRS/EDGE phone with a colour choice of either Velvet Blue or Luminous Green.  It will be available in selected markets from early Q4 2007.  SonyEricssonK850 

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Posted: 2007-06-14 19:38:10
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S4k1s Posts: > 500

Wonderful phone
Posted: 2007-06-14 19:39:20
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darrengf Posts: > 500

Need It. Want it.

Now how long is the countdown before i have to wait.

Posted: 2007-06-14 19:40:22
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Hurst Posts: 131

Few things:
-It takes m2 and microSD? How? On Gizmodo spyshots, I didnt see the memory port...very weird?
-Autorotate gyroscopics! Familiar with this feature on true Cybershot phones. Great!
-Keypad issues could arise. Waiting for true reviews.

I'm real excited about this phone...
Posted: 2007-06-14 19:41:40
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QVGA Posts: > 500

again those darn buttons. the multiple type memory card option is a very very good step, bravo to SE for that.

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Posted: 2007-06-14 19:42:37
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roogenial Posts: 195

There you go the Official discussion of K850!

Posted: 2007-06-14 19:42:49
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Hurst Posts: 131

What about video features. If it were high end video, I think they would have advertised it more heavily
Posted: 2007-06-14 19:43:40
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Xajel Posts: > 500

well two color variant

both are AWESOME !!!


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Posted: 2007-06-14 19:50:26
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jcwhite_uk Posts: > 500

According to it supports activesync. So far only the symbian se phones have supporting it. Is the k850i symbian?
Posted: 2007-06-14 19:53:39
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xironghostx Posts: > 500

awesome job SE, but does anyone know the price on this lil' pearl?

is it like 650 euro ?
Posted: 2007-06-14 19:54:19
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