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Sony Ericsson / Sony : Symbian phones : bad news for arab users of P800
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bahraini Posts: 360

i went today to SE service center in bahrain, the told me
that they suppose to get P800 next week as they have told
my SE, till now this is a good news.
But they told me that as much as they know , that there will be
no arabic software for P800.
well , i dont care so much about it , cuz i use english anyway,
but i want to be arabic enabled cuz of the messages which
i will recieve and i want to share with ppl.
one more thing , this will effect the sells for this phone , specialy in ksa and UAE , cuz they are the biggest market for mobile phones
in middle east and many ppl there wants arabic software.
Posted: 2002-12-21 20:14:00
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Devilishcry Posts: 226

F*** it, as it is I dont use arabic and I dont even need it. arabic enabling is not a deal breaker. I will certainly buy the phone if I like it not if it has arabic or not. the way, arabic will be available shortly after the P800's release in the arabian countries...
Posted: 2002-12-21 20:24:00
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Eamonn Posts: > 500

Yeh I've never used arabic on mobiles in my life!
Posted: 2002-12-21 20:31:00
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bahraini Posts: 360

ok guys , take it easy ,
i said it , i dont care about arabic that much,
i will buy it too , but all what i said , that this will efect the sells
as many people needs it , dont think SE will be happy
to sell few Pieces,
and if we dont care , there are many who care.
Posted: 2002-12-21 20:52:00
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Eamonn Posts: > 500

Yeh I see what u mean anyway especially here where 98% or so of locals have nokias!
Posted: 2002-12-21 20:56:00
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