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paul101 Posts: > 500

can i be a wet blanket??


The number one biggest problem with Windows Mobile is its UI.

i have owned the htc touch for over a week now (as a second phone) and here is my verdict. not on the phone. but on the os, that is windows mobile

One thing that irritated the hell out of me using Windows Mobile was trying to really close an application. Pressing the end button on the handset or clicking close does not close the application. It minimizes it and leaves it running in the background!! To close the application you have to go into the task manager and close from there. Keeping the task manager clean is vital if you have a crappy phone like the HTC Touch that likes to guzzle battery power

-The basic "contacts" look-up is painful to use. tiny buttons, and again, such a slow and sluggish interface that I make loads of mistakes using it. asides from that, when you try to type in a number, you have to use your fingenail. the keys are just too small. you end up with an elongated version of your phone number. (unless you use the keypad) secondly. as above. you expect, if the thing has a touch screen, you can stabb at it with your finger most of the time. no; for one, every icon is stupidly small. you need to use the stylus 90%of the time!

just sitting the phone beside my p1i it shocked me ill-thought-out and unsatisfying windows mobile is

and, surely if you buy a smartphone, it should expect it to have a web browser capable of viewing full web pages? meanwhile, "Pocket IE" is behind again, forcing you to stick with WAP pages. and who wants to trundle through wap pages every day? (making it even worse where you are forced to use the stylus because links are so small)

some more basic problems - It's slow. Slow to the point where even making a normal phone call is tedious. Even the delay between hitting the green "phone" button and the dialler app coming up is horribly slow.

compared to other smartphones, it just doesn't stack up against them. windows mobile is designed for "business" people. then why do most businesses people use blackberry's?

As an operating system. it sucks. it fails epically to a basic function of all operating systems, even that one you wrote in your first year of University/College. Windows Mobile is incapable of returning used ram and you are left with a mobile phone that over time reduces how much available ram there is for a program to use! i do hope the x1 has allot of ram

all in all WM is very tedious, tedious to use and just like its desktop counterpart, it is just as bloated and maintenance is needed to make it work smoothly. the UI is not exactly the best. in fact. its the worst ive used, period. the phone lacks several functionalities you come to expect form a smart phone like being able to secure (encrypt) files and just doesn't perform 100%. it feels half arsed most of the time and sometimes it works the way you want

ive been pretty biased about this, and for me WM did not forfill my needs as a phone. or as a computer (ish) device. there are good things about WM (and thats for another thread) but after using a WM device for a while (a week). i just dont like it. i still have high hopes for the x1. but i'm not holding my breath... yes, the x1 will eventually replace my p1i unless something else pops up.

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Posted: 2008-10-31 18:49:15
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JD4341 Posts: 62


I replaced tmy P1 last week with an X1 on tho be honest I am considering going back to my P1. It is just easier and faster to use IMO. There are lots of people out there who like WM and the X1 and thats cool. The P1 is, well, just easier to use. I have better hopes for WM7
Posted: 2008-10-31 18:59:50
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thomas93 Posts: 444

Put android on your touch
Posted: 2008-10-31 19:50:34
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MWEB Posts: > 500

Golden rule is, WM needs a 524mhz CPU to make it zip along comfortably, and the 1st gen Tflo on the Touch is shockingly unresponsive too, the Diamonds/touch pro's/X1's offer an almost completely different experience to what you've had
Posted: 2008-10-31 20:03:13
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myth® Posts: > 500


A pretty long list of complaints you have there considering the time you spent with WM (1 week).

But I would describe your comments as 'first impressions' rather than a 'conclusion', as any platform obviously requires a longer period than a week in order to get used to it and to lesrn how things work, more so WM, and while I agree that it's about time for MS to rework its aging UI and to provide a fresh, more user friendly environment, most of your complaints aren't related with the OS, but with the hw specs of a specific device, namely 'HTC Touch', which is not really aimed at heavy business users. It's more a device for those who want a small trendy device with WM and its abilities.

As for your running tasks, have you ever wondered what long tapping (instead of short) the close button would do ?
There is even a setting to change between short and long tap for closing apps.

As for the UI in general, I don't care about its boring default appearance, as I can change the text sizes and also mask the today screen and many other instances of the UI with lots of different menus, shapes, icons or whatever.

Possibilities are almost endless in WM..

Memory leakage exists afaik on any platform and I believe that it is normal up to a degree.

While WM is certainly not perfect, it has far less shortcomings than other platforms imo.
Posted: 2008-10-31 20:13:05
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carrier1 Posts: 10

Mweb is right. And there are loads of 3rd party programmes to make it do what you want it to do. And as with ms desktop os, you have to take care of the registry etc... Download a programme called MemMaid, it will clean all leftovers, and you can tweak your touch. It's not free, but the trial is fully functional you could also install pointUI to replace the touchflo! I like wm, but it's not userfriendly! At you can find many applications that will make it better. And touchpal is good for textinput!
Enjoy it
Posted: 2008-10-31 20:19:00
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voda_jon Posts: > 500

try adding the following software to your win mo device, they enhance what is a very good system and make life a lot easier!

SPB Mobile Shell - replaces the windows mobile shell with their own which is more mobile phone friendly and is very very finger friendly! I have been using it now for about 2 weeks on my omnia and i defo wont be going back to the samsung menu or windows mobile menu lol.

Oh and when i click close it really closes as spb mobile shell tweaks it so press the x and it really closes!!!!

And finally another program is X1 tweak... Has some good things like being able to give yourself more memory for programs etc It also allows you to put the sms back to standard one txt etc and not sms chat style. also has lots more but i cant be bothered going into them.

For both progs PM me for more details
Posted: 2008-10-31 21:19:56
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Jah Posts: > 500

SPB, 3D Touch Flo and Panels do make WM easier to use for people with no previous experience of WM devices and people who don't want to fiddle too much. Devices like the X1 and Touch Diamond are targetted at the mass market and most consumers want a device that is easy to use 'out off the box' and therefore I can see that even the Panels UI may be too much for many feature-phone users. UI is where the focus should be for SE and others as ehe WM OS is reasonably stable now and the h/w is good enough.

Join the 'dots' and see what happens

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Posted: 2008-11-01 08:31:56
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carrier1 Posts: 10

You are right.
But another problem that casual wm users such as paul here may easily miss is similar to what causes problems on MS desktops: one must keep the registry 'clean', empty the browser cache and temp files etc etc... On a java or s60 you can try out many apps, then uninstall them etc and hardly feel a difference. Doing that on a wm phone leads very quickly indeed to sluggish behaviour. Trying a few apps and browsing a bit using pocket IE or opera mobile can easily steal half the phone's mem in a couple of days, and lead to freezes.
The new, more userfriendly ui replacements can mislead wm noobs - the phones are easy to use, don't look like wm, and casual users such as paul don't feel the need to really familiarise themselves with the os, which leads to the misplaced anger and frustration. The X1 is nice, but I think wm noobs should maybe start out on a really basic device, to learn the ropes
A wm device can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It's what you do with/to it, that matters.
Posted: 2008-11-01 10:16:25
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Jah Posts: > 500


totally agree. Symbian OS is much more stable especially the S60 variety. As you may be aware Nokia abandoned two of its touch UIs, Series 90 and Hildon for the Communicator that was never released. So we have a rock solid OS in Symbian but with the demise of UIQ we have no mature Symbian touch screen UI (I await the S60 5th Edition with an open mind!).

Posted: 2008-11-01 10:55:28
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