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Hi guys,

I've been a long-time UIQ user and am really comfy with it, especially the very user-friendly (to me at least) version on the G900. Now I have the X1 (really needed a more powerful workhorse for the office stuff) and I love it! But I do have some things that I just can't figure out. Could some of you WM/X1 experts give some advice please?

1. Ringtones/SMS alerts are soft - This is really driving me bonkers. When I'm outside walking on the street, I can't hear any phonecalls coming in. And the X1 vibrate mode is the high-frequency type that you won't notice while walking. Is there any way to really crank up the volume and/or configure the vibrate speed?

2. Volume selection (related to #1) - There's a volume selection that pops up when I hit the up/down volume rocker. But how can I set the volume levels individually? On the G900, I can set alarm, call and SMS volume independently.

3. New SMS/MMS menu item - When I select "new ->" it shows MMS first, then SMS. I know it's in alphabetical order... But is there any way to arrange it so that SMS is first?

4. On-screen keyboard - Fiddly to say the least. I'm trying to get the on-screen keyboard to pop up, but it seems I need to hit a magic pixel somewhere... It takes 3-4 tries to get it to pop up, and then it's another tricky job trying to get the keyboard selection menu to pop up so that I can select the HTC-style phonepad. And, how can I make the phonepad the default? Every time I reboot, it resets to keyboard.

5. on-screen lines when typing sms - How can i increase this bit? I lose track of what I typed because the input field is so limited. I'm used to seeing a lot of real estate when writing sms.

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