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hymie Posts: 249

Samsung S100

GSM Standard
GPRS 4+1 (Klasse
Size 85x47x20mm
WAP 1.2.1
Colourdisplay, 128x128 pixel, 65.000 colours
Outside display, 96x64 pixel, Blue

More infos:

Posted: 2002-02-16 20:59:00
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arroyootje Posts: > 500

it's nice, but I still prefer the design of the t68...

Posted: 2002-02-16 21:45:00
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freeshares1 Posts: 23

dont like the menu buttons

But the screen does look nice...
Posted: 2002-02-16 21:52:00
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mhorton Posts: > 500

I like what Samsung are doing with the design of there new phones
Posted: 2002-02-16 22:27:00
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mikaalto Posts: 149

I think that the either the T100 or S100 will be my next phone, well mayby not, T68 is still a very good and a advanced phone! And it is easier to upgrade a Ericsson than a Samsung.
Posted: 2002-02-16 22:31:00
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jucame Posts: > 500

Donīt like the design, is not a triband, I love my still "ready for the future" T68
Posted: 2002-02-17 03:44:00
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ferrarista44 Posts: > 500

know what??

you cant maximize 65536 colors (16-bit) in a mere 128pixel square monitor.... gets??

it would have been ok if the monitor was the size of something like that of a Palm Handheld....

point is, you would barely see the difference between (16-bit color...of S100 and 8-bit...of T68) in a very small screen...

Posted: 2002-02-17 06:25:00
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Npalamidis Posts: 77

Personaly I donīt like Flip Phones!

But I do like the 16 bit color screen!

Posted: 2002-02-17 07:39:00
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Diego Posts: 121

Really a cool phone. But i love my T68
Posted: 2002-02-17 09:06:00
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mirsal Posts: 13

i hate the menu in samsung phones, the last one i bought had a bad reception problem
Posted: 2002-02-17 10:24:00
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