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It has been a eventful year in the mobile phone industry with several new outstanding handsets announced. The much anticipated Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, Nokia N96, Apple Iphone 3G and HTC Touch HD and not to forget the T-mobile G1 base on the Google Android platform.

It will be interesting to follow the industry in 2009 and see if the financial crisis will have an impact on the sales figures.

The Esato community continues to grow. We have reached 171.000 members now, and 31.000 signed up in 2008. Our members wrote 310.000 posts this year. The most active member in 2008 was our own moderator tranced with his 8769 posts, and Muhammad-Oli with his 5716 posts in second place followed by PeterKay's in third with 5098 posts.

Thanks to all the moderators and helpful members for making Esato such a nice place to stay.

Happy New Year!

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Posted: 2008-12-31 14:35:50
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