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Another low-end phone is released by the Nokia to cater the less needy phone users. Nokia 6303 Classic is a phone that lets you enjoy music, camera and internet service on the go.

The package includes the 6303 Classic phone, a battery, a charger, a data cable, a handsfree set and a userís guide.

The phone is extremely comfortable when held in hand. It is slim and portable. The stainless steel case is solid and durable. What a pleasant surprise! I am not a fan of the rounded design. It makes the phone looks less sharp.

The keypad is comfortable and tactile. You know Nokia would not miss this one, donít you?

On the top we find the power button.

The butt is crammed with 3.5mm jack, USB portal, charger portal and the phone strap slot.

We can find the volume rocker on the right. Itís a bit disappointing that there is no quick access button to camera.

Donít underestimate the camera. Although itís 3.2MP, it is assisted with dual LED and 8x digital zoom.

The battery cover is also made out of metal. Light but strong.

You have to remove the battery for the MicroSD and SIM card access, hassles alert!

Classic and friendly user interface by Nokia, what more can I say.

There is nothing groundbreaking here with 6303 Classic. Camera, media, internet, navigation in an economical phone, Nokia gives you one more option to the ever-changing high-tech world.

Posted: 2009-09-01 06:42:17
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Bonovox Posts: > 500

Nothing ground breaking no but its great as an everyday phone with still decent features at a low price. I have one of these phones as my 2nd phone. The battery is one of the best batteries i have ever used on a mobile. It goes on for days and days with moderate use quite a big leap from the 6300. The camera is not bad even that flash is decent and its signal is solid wherever you go so its a perfect reliable phone. Never had a single problem with mine for months. By the way you dont need to remove battery to get to memory card just the cover.

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Posted: 2009-09-01 10:17:00
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phonecrzy Posts: 478

Just a basic phone... Looks like its suppose to improve apon 6300.
Posted: 2010-01-31 00:43:04
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On 2009-09-01 10:17:00, Bonovox wrote:
Never had a single problem with mine for months.

Well, I have.. That thing turns off by itself, restarts, turns on, then shuts-down.. Then.. Nothing but a piece of trash.. Now, it is at a nokia care.. and it's been a month since I bought it there for repairs.. and the same thing happens.. i just simply hate nokia s40 phones.. it's better to buy an nokia s60 rather than this..
Posted: 2010-02-02 15:35:17
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