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One reason I prefer Windows Mobile over other OSes is its tweakability, besides the possibilities offered by registry. I personally think WM's tweakability is just one degree below the now-forgotten Motorola EzX.
Anyway, enough talkin'. Onto the practical stuff..

Hopping between so many files/folders within a folder using File Explorer on a WM device can be so frustrating, especially when you rely on scrolling.
Fortunately there's one easy way to do that. How? Just use (virtual) keyboard or qwerty keypad to type the first letter of the file/folder's name. For instance, if you want a file named index.htm to be selected instantly, just tap (or press) "I".
It is as if all files/folders are labeled accesskey="first-letter". Thumps up for Redmond guys for the feature!

By default, Windows Mobile's scrollbar is 13px wide (I'm undecided whether it's pixel or point, as in fonts these guys use point.) What if we want that ugly scrollbar to be narrow but still easy to use for navigation?


In the above registry entry we tell the device to make both the horizontal (cxVscr) and vertical (cyVscr) scrollbars 8px - of course you can always put smaller values, but experience tells us a value smaller than 8 is too tiny, unless you're a liliput. Don't forget to perform a soft reset for the setting to take effect.

How do you make use of fonts other than the default one on, for example, Symbian devices? Grab an app called Font Router; if not already done, sign it; send to the phone and install it; choose a typeface to your heart's content and -again- send it to the phone; assign the font from Font Router. Or, you can pack a typeface to the Symbian Installer (SIS) file, and install it on the phone. Bleh. No offence intended, but that's too much for such a trifle job.
On WM, you just send a typeface to the phone, and place it on the default font folder (usually \Windows\Fonts or just \Windows), and, tada, the font is ready to serve you right away.
But we won't stop there. We want, like any other techies, to personalize our device by changing its default font. Here you go.
This should be self-desripshun 'nuff. However, for the sake of clarity, the rules are respectively: BarFnt, font of the menu; PopFnt, font of the popup windows eg. script alerts, notifications etc.; and SYSFNT, font of the system - that is, anything not defined by the first two rules; Nm, the name of the truetype font (TTF), *not* the file name; Ht, glyph height in hex. 320 = 800, 384 = 900; HtInPts, whether or not to use point. According to HTML4 spec, 1pt = 1/72 inch. However, I can't barely spot its difference with pixel which tends to be bigger (or smaller?); CS, dunno what is it for; Wt, glyph weight in hex. 2bc = 700 (bold), 190 = 400 (normal); It, whether or not it's cursive, slanted (italic).




That's all there is to it, and you're done.

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Posted: 2009-10-07 23:41:00
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(1) tap and hold the clock on the titlebar (the upper right taskbar), and there should be an option to switch to digital or analog clock.
(2) WM2005+: double tap on the upper right corner of taskbar, and there should be a popup showing Time and Next Appointment, and battery status.

on HTC and its derivatives that running windows mobile, keep pressing camera button while soft resetting the device brings up a page containing infos about IPL, SPL, OS ROM and Radio ROM version. this is handy if you're about to upgrade firmware. (source: XDA Dev's wiki)

Please keep this thread clean by posting *only* tips. when the tips posted here amounted 100+ we could compile them into a book: Esato's Dummy Guide to Registry Malarkey and sell it. we could be rich, no?!
if you found me helpful, you might consider donating something. a yacht maybe, or a resort at ibiza or malibu would be nice. please don't be hesitate, i'm always open to any possibility, and will always make sure that your donation is in the right hand. please use this email to reach me anytime. thanks.

Posted: 2009-10-08 13:59:00
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MSIE 6 (and up) MOBILE
a bunch of shortcuts helping you to deal with the browser more easily.
(1) use spacebar to scroll page (source: WMExperts.) EDIT: use up and down arrows to scroll per line, or Tab to hop between user input boxes and clickable things on a page.
(2) use Ctrl-A to select all text, and Ctrl-C to copy the selected text, or Ctrl-X to cut the text in user input boxes, and Ctrl-V to paste the clipboard into user input boxes or elsewhere.
(3) use Ctrl-Q to exit the browser

okay, it's time to show anyone who's in charge, because you're over lord of ... nothing.
after a successful installation of a softwear, things gone weird: when you click on Messaging icon, there goes File Explorer instead of Messaging, for instance. WOT HAP'NIN?
it seemes that something messed up with this entry - but i'm willing to bet that you won't encounter such a problem in real life:


analoguosly, you can always set a program as the default one to handle some file types or programs. just make sure the key string "1" is always pointing to the right corresponding executable. good news is, it supports command line! EDIT: so, the folwing:

"1"="\Program Files\Joey\joey.exe" /ahem

will cause Joey to cough, AHEM, before launching the browser each time you click on MSPIE. ain't that nice to know?

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Posted: 2009-10-11 06:48:00
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if privacy is concerned, then this will do you a great favor:


looks like a paltry thing to do, eh? no, if you find out that this guy dedicated a program whose sole purpose is to remove exif tags from photos taken mostly by mobile phone cameras in the hope to hide the info. you, htc running WM devices users, are in fact one step ahead - not only hide the info, but also mislead bad guys who are trying to track you down using exif info. cheers.

xdadev guys have a tip that makes 4, instead of 3, program icons in a row on a WM6 packet pc which here i reproduce:


Posted: 2009-10-15 06:38:00
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informs when and where script errors occur, include anything it don't kno about. however, it don't blame somebody else for errors it does. doesn't do anything astually.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

Posted: 2009-10-17 07:42:00
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this kinda url would've returned the modification time in normal life, but in MSIE Mobile it returns the access time instead, even for local files. how tremenjisly thoughtful the browser has become. or is it just me?

Posted: 2009-10-18 20:18:00
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try associating a script or a CSS file which is used by and linked from an HTML file -either by using a third party program like Total Commander or Resco Explorer, or via registry setting (more on that, please see below)- with another program, and open the HTML file using MSIE Mobile.
the browser will refuse to use the file! sort of coup d'etat? shots: scr01.png, scr02.png
(1) Total Commander (version 2.51 is used here): tap and hold a file to bring up a context menu; choose "Properties"; choose tab "Associate"; tap "Associate.." button; do the 'takeover' from the succeeding page: "Command", path to the executable; "Parameter", usually %1; "Icon file", usually the same as "Command"; "Index", in case there are more than one icons.
(2) Resco Explorer (version 7.05 is used here): tap and hold a file to bring up a context menu; choose "Open", and then "Open With"; select a program on the list, or if not listed, tap "Browse", and check the "Always use this program to open this file type" box; tap "Done".
(3) Registry: for example, if we want css files to be associated with Notepad, we do:


@="CSS File"


@="\\Path\\to\\Notepad.exe %1"

Solution? Don't associate files being used by and linked from an HTML file *if* you use MSIE Mobile. Thanks, any question?

Posted: 2009-10-21 04:35:00
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i think this is funny.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\International

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Internet Explorer\User Agent
"Custom"="Microscoft PacketPC"

Posted: 2009-10-21 22:51:00
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how do you tell the ppc not to save msgs that already sent?


is the same way as saying:


but why riskin out ur life you egrejus ass with editing registry if you can do it from Messaging's setting?

d0uthiNKucaneasILyreAdanDunderstandasentenCEwith0utPUNctuati0nswith0utevensPaCeinitthx4WaStInGuRtImE0nthISn0nSenselmfa0.. wew nice try, bruv!

Posted: 2009-10-25 05:45:00
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proxytute is a human being who makes love and gets paid afterwards - that is, after the love they had made.
to be able to enable or disable the feature on MSPIE, we usually say:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings

Posted: 2009-10-26 05:50:00
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