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Nokia X6 is clearly aiming big. It is the first Nokia device to equip with a capacitive touchscreen. The 16:9 3.2-inch widescreen and the 32GB internal storage makes it perfect as a mobile entertainment centre. The one year “Comes with Music” free subscription might be the best premium you can have for a phone purchase. Will Nokia hit or miss this time?

Nokia has upped its ante with the package this time by wrapping along a stereo headphone (which I find not at its best) and a guitar phone strap on top of the phone, the charger, the cable and all the ordinary stuff.

Mmm.. (Clearing throat) Here is the first Nokia capacitive touchscreen. It is way more intuitive than its resistive stylus-using counterparts. You can now type faster without lifting your one finger before the other bangs in. The 640 x 360 display delivers vivid and bright images. Partnered with the 16:9 aspects, videos and photos playback is just pleasurable. The homescreen is class. You can get updates of your contacts (with avatar!) and social network right on!

You have got a 2.8” screen with 240x400 pixeYou have a 3.5mm jack, the power button and the USB portal on the top of the phone.

On the right side you have the camera shutter, the volume rocker and the screen lock key, which I think is conveniently positioned, in between.

Like 5800 Xpress music, you do have the SIM card slot on the side. You can insert the SIM card easily by opening the compartment door. However, you would have to remove the battery cover to get the SIM card out as there is no spring to eject the SIM card. You can also find the speakerphones on the side.

Although X6 seems to focus very much on media, it does not give up on other aspects. The Carl Zeiss AF 5MP camera works fantastically well. Dual LED can sure light up the dark, color contrast is satisfying. The thing to complain here is the cheap-looking back.

The phone works on S60 5th edition which is fast and stable. What kind of troubles me is that the discrepancy of occasionally double-click among all the single-click operation. Sometimes, you just need a little more experience to realize the phone is actually waiting for your second click to complete the command instead of loading the application.

The phone comes with a year of free subscription to Nokia Music Store. You can download music from the rich library to your Nokia phones or computers and keep the files even after the subscription expires.

The browser is powerful that it can show the site of its full content.

You can have multi-tab browsing which allows you to multi-task at your finger tips.

Nokia’s X6 is similar to XpressMusic 5800 in a lot of ways: the 16:9 aspects and the 3.2-inch dimension, the multimedia emphasis and the user interface layout, its WiFi and HSDPA capability. Of course, X6 has made some important breakthroughs: its capacitive touschscreen, the humongous internal storage, the amazingly durable battery life supporting 35 hours of music. If you are a media junkie, X6 can be the perfect phone for you.
Posted: 2010-01-14 07:45:34
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Miss UK Posts: > 500

Hmm I don't know whether to loath it or like it
it looks abit like my current phone the thinness and the back is pretty similar (minus camera)

it looks like it will mark pretty easy after a drop too one to avoid I think
Posted: 2010-01-14 07:49:29
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voda_jon Posts: > 500

@miss_uk... i got my wife the White/Blue version of this for chrimbo and she loves it!

The screen is great and really responsive and its great as an ipod replacement too. and i can tell u she puts it in her bag with no screen protector or case and up to now the handset has no scratches or marks on it anywhere.
Posted: 2010-01-14 09:53:09
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anonymuser Posts: > 500

It's a small thing, but that sim card slot design is odd - open to the elements (behind a small flap) but you still have to get the battery out to remove it - seems like the worst of both worlds? If it's going to be hard to get at anyway, I'd much rather it was sealed up tightly in the battery compartment where dust can't get to it so easily.
Posted: 2010-01-14 10:58:37
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Miss UK Posts: > 500

@ Voda, it's not only that I don't know by it it's just that
I can't have a new phone till this time next year 24months contracts suck

it's a good job my current phone hasn't peeved me of yet otherwise it would've been replaced

I used to find Nokias marked easily so therefore I just went about having a new Golla case for every new phone
I bought, I already have a iPod touch so i don't need any phone to play music, I do miss wi-fi though
Posted: 2010-01-15 06:13:09
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