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rene Posts: 125

Edit: 17.6.2010-> I'll start now a new thread regarding the MR2-release for X2.. There are bugs and Annoyances too...

Please join this Facebook-group if you are unhappy with the quality and performance of your X2:

I guess i have to start a thread where i will start keeping track on issues that pisses me off in windows mobile, and the X2. I guess that most of the problems is in Windows, and therefore I guess I can't blame too much Sony Ericsson for this. These bugs and annouyances are experienced with the original firmware. Now when the new firmware is available (April 2010), i'll update it as soon i got all nessesary files backed up

I finally had to re-install the whole Os, because the phone become more or less useless. Eg. dialling numbers was just pointless. Slow, slower. STOP.. Now when i have had the phone with a clean instal of Windows mobile 6.5 (back to good old windows-bascs: Reinstall windows to keep your computer from crashing!) for a couple of days, some problems went away. The rest is still there. The list below is now updated with what's still there

[edit 14.4.2010] I found accientally a test-backup of my device from february (made with sbp-backup). I reverted to that, removed all default spb-shells and panels, installed spb-3.5.2, and followed the tweaking-suggestions described in this thread Til now the phone has been working, a bit slow, but it has not crashed yet for 12 hours... If this setup seems to work, then i'll stick to this and wait what SE has to offer me...
[edit2 14.4.2010] Well, i was getting too excited.. The phone's instability is still there. Til now i have had around 15-20 phonecalls, and about 50% of tese calls got just dropped after about 3-4 minutes... I'm on a area with good reception, (at my office), so this is can't be the case...

Starting the phone does not automatically bring you to the PIN-code screeen, and it get's in the background if you're not waiting for it, and start punching numbers. Because of the ridiccilously slow startup-process, I usually put the phone to the side and continue with other things like working Checking the screen a couple of minutes after startup, I don't see the PIN-screen, and forget that I never enterd the PIN. This happens almost every time i reboot the phone after it hangs, or starts working strangely.
The OS lacks sound-profiles. There are just two: Normal, and Silent. WTF???
The alarm seems to be a miss. It seems to crash more or less every morning. Yesterday was the first morning i got waked up by the phone's alarm. Even the snooze function worked nicely. Til now i thouhgt that there was no snooze, because the "menu" button that shows up in the alarm did not do anything. Well, today i woke up with my backup-alarm at 08:15. The X2 was completely dead, as normal, so had to remove the battery to start up the phone. (works after the MR1-update)
WIFI: It worked nicely the first week, but since tuesday, it does not connect anymore to my router..I guess I have to re-install the OS to get this to work again! (works after re-install of the whole system)
SMS-alarms (sound and light) does not work when the phone's screen is off (works partially after MR1-update)
All settings for maintaning the phone's functionality are more or less spread around, and finding all needed setting, takes too much time. Why not having the functions grouped into one application, in the way the old Sony Ericsson phones had.. (k800, t610, t68)?
The phone is slow.. It's like watching paint dry when you want to do something quick..
Every time the phone crashes/hangs, and i have to remove the battery to restart it, the sound-profile get's reset to the factory defaults: Annoying default windows ring-signal and SMS signal.
The phone's lock can't be set to ask for the code/password only during startup. This makes it unconvienient to use, when it asks the password only after a certain time. I suspect that the phone also lacks the option to clear the data/require a password if someone inserts a new SIM-card in the phone... All my previous phones had this option (that's 17 years of phone-history...)
The phone resets the ring-signal randomly to the default ring-signal several times per day... So the phone does not nessesary have to hang to accomplish this
Browsing images you have been taking with the phone is not worth the effort.. It's soo slow, that you don't want to do that..
The phone hangs/crashes randomly still after the software-update. Honestly i can't anymore recommend this phone as a business-phone until the stability gets some improvements! I just noticed that the phone has been "dead" for 3 hours, and i just can imagine that i lost several business-calls..! Why can't the OS just keep the phone-part away from the rest of the system, and if something crashes/hangs that would not interfear with the phone-functions.. It's like a broken headlight on a car would blow up the whole car itself!
Time to start adding screenshots. This is the latest screen-art i just stumbled into.. Guess what.. This time the phone did not crash, cause I could dial in, but the screen was still messed up..
It looks that my X2 has problems charging the battery. This morning the phone was charged to 16% after a 9h charge, and the phone was EXTREMELY hot... Let's see if I get a toasted phone and one toasted unhappy X2 owner one upcoming morning...! During the day i tried to re-charge the phone again, and it's now up with 37%.. It's still very hot, but not as hot as this morning!
This crap operating system has hanged now completely. I can't open my e-mails, can't read my SMS:s, and i can't get a decent backup on my sms-messages.. It looks now that i have to re-install the whole darn thing.. 3 weeks, and time for a complete re-install... Isn't this ridiculous??? [SOLVED!] Remove the Inbox.mstxxxx folders on the storage-card. This worked perfectly! Thanks to Mr486 [color=red]The problem is still there!! Read below![/color]
The phonebook seems to be a mess... Most of my contacts have a more than one mobile-number: One for work, and an other for their private life. This makes it a bit tricky, if i want to send an SMS to these numbers: I can do it just to one, because the software recognizes just one cell-phone number to send SMS:s too.. Also the "speed" dial button shows just a fixed type of numbers: I can't have two different work-numbers, or two different home-numbers. So, for me to dial for example the second home-number with the speed-dial button with the Spb Mobile Shell Lifestyle or Spb Mobile Shell Professional does not work. I have to open the contact, and find the second number from there...
What i miss from the phonebook/contacts record is custom fields where i can specify what type of number the number is.. (Mobile, Fixed line etc. etc..)
I got again the same problem regarding my messages. It looks that the message-side got stuck yesterday, and because of that the phone does not receive any SMS:s.. Got just called by a customer, who wondered why i did not reply to his message. Well i would have done it, if the message would have arrived into my inbox. According to the sender, the message was delivered.. So, your message-side get's messed up, you will loose your incoming SMS:es!
I complained about the sound-settings/profiles in the phone. Here is a new example why the windows-way of handling the sound-settings sucks!
I want to use the alarm for getting up in the morning. I don't want to hear the beeps from incoming email or SMS:s. To achieve both things is IMPOSSIBLE. I can turn off all warning-sounds from programs, but to turn off the sounds for email and messages, disables also the alarm. So, you can't get a silent phone that just wakes you up in the morning. There is a setting to let alarms through if you have your phone on silent, but that's working if you are in a meeting, in the movies/theatre etc...
I got now my second DEAD PIXEL. The first was there right from the beginning.
The phone does not seem to handle automatic timezone/time updates. Yesterday I returned from a two weeks trip, and within 24 hours I have had at least 5 inquerys about that if i want to update the timezone. Options are: Yes, Yes (update and shut down service) and No (shut down the service). not sure about the exact phrase, but you'll get the point. I want to set the current timezone and time, but i don't want to shut down this service, because next time I travel, i want the time to be set again.. So, can't this stupid phone just update the time, and ask me next time i travel??
The camera.. It's pointless to use the camera, because starting the camera-app takes ages. at the point the camera-app has started, you've missed whatever you wanted to take a picture of..
Scrolling with the screen with your finger/stylo without lifting it from the screen catches false clicks. You end up in opening unwanted applications or clicking on links on web-pages...
The way windows mobile handles the way saving things on the phones memory is just pure idiotism. Each time i would like to update/reinstall the firmware i have to find all files etc log-files that i want to back up. For example one app that i would like to back-up is the "On-The-Road" panels logfiles. A reinstall would delete these, and you would loose all your tracks.. Why can't i specify that all personal files and settings would be saved on the memorycard??
After a re-install of the firmware (this deletes everything you've saved on the phone's memory) the apps you installed on your SD-card wont appear as installed applications. I have to re-install them again.
Why can't applications and all it's needed files be installed into one place, and not all over the phone (eg the registry etc). This approach sucks, cause if i want to re-install the phones ROM, i need to re-install all apps i use. Easier would be to let me just delete the directory with the app, and that would be it.
Windows mobile displays names to numbers wrong in the outgoing-calls list!! When I'm using a 9-number long prefix-number to call my sister abroad (, this entry in the list is picked from an other saved number with the same prefix! In this case if i call my sister, i get a wrong name in the list!!!
It looks now that it's time for me to join the club with all those people saying they lost all their files on the SD card. F*CK!!! The only directory visible is the email-folder. Now it's time to boot into linux and make a sector-dump from the SD-card and see if aything is recoverable! UPDATE: I think i know where the problem is with dissapearing/erased SD-cards. I checked my SD-card via linux, and i found most of my directories and files there (all large files, like 50Mb music-files where gone!). The disc was messaed up, had lost clusters etc. etc. I *think* it has to do with removing the SD-card without properly unmounting it. In other words, i looks to me that the Windows Mobile version caches files before writing it to the SD-card. This again get's messed up if the phone looses contact with the card/the card get's removed without "ejecting" it like we do in windows! This is just a guess, but i had exactly the same FAT-mess on an USB-stick I was used to remove without really "ejecting" it...
I lost again WIFI from my SEX2.. Last time i had issues, it got fixed after a complete re-install of the system.. Time to plan a new re-installation of my phone...
I never timed this before, but taking time how much it takes to start up the phone from pushing the powerbutton, and coming to a state that you actually can punch in a phonenumber and make your first call takes 3 minutes 42 seconds.. If you need to do an emergency-call and have to power-up the phone from scratch, your victim has mostlikely already died...
I noticed that at some point the E-mail/SMS app does not recognize that i slide out the keyboard. IE still seemed to work. Again, removing the battery was the cure...
Now it's a couple of weeks since i reinstalled my system (from an earlier backup) The device semed to work pretty ok (this does not mean that i have to remove the battery several times/day) til last weekend, when the phone just begun to get more and more slow.. I get a 2-5 sec. delay on more or less whatever i do..
- Opening the start-menu
- Opening the email
- Dialing a contact
- Picking up an incoming call
- etc. etc.
Now it's about a month i have been using a pre-MR2 version of the X2, and it has been a great experience compared to the MR1 that was a DISASTER. The MR2 is now officially out, but installing it on my own X2 that still has the MR1 installed just fails. I get the phone into update-mode, the update-software recognizes a new version, downloads it, but then it just fails to start the update-process itself...
So, on monday i need to bring my phone to the Sony Ericsson service-centre in Helsinki to get this fixed. In the same time i'll make them fix a couple of physical problems my silver X2 has:
- The slider is a bit loose, and when shaking the phone it "rattle"
- The touch-screen is bending up in the lower-left corner (the panel/slideview-button is standing up about 1mm
- I'll also return the 2 extra stylos i ordered from the service-centre. I got two stylos intended for the black x2 instead of the silver-ones. They tried to explain that they can't order silver-stylos to finland because this colour is not for sale in Finland...! Ridiculous!

I'm starting to get fed-up with how many times i have to remove the phone's battery when the phone hangs. Below i'll post how many times this happens for me per day. By hanging i mean that the phone get's in to a state that nothing happens on the the screen, and the clock get's stuck or the screen just get's black and by sliding the keyboard it does not light up...

28 Feb 2010 - 2 times
1 Mar 2010 - 2 times
2 Mar 2010 - 1 time
3 Mar 2010 - 0 times
4 Mar 2010 - 3 times
5 Mar 2010 - 5 times
6 Mar 2010 - 11 times
7 Mar 2010 - 18 times
8 Mar 2010 - 4 times
9 Mar 2010 - 0 times
10 Mar 2010 - 3 times
11 Mar 2010 - 4 times
12 Mar 2010 - 3 times
13 Mar 2010 - 0 times
14 Mar 2010 - 1 times
15 Mar 2010 - 2 times
16 Mar 2010 - 0 times
17 Mar 2010 - 2 times
18 Mar 2010 - 3 times
19 Mar 2010 - 4 times
20 Mar 2010 - 1 times
21 Mar 2010 - 2 times
22 Mar 2010 - 2 times
23 Mar 2010 - 0 times
24 Mar 2010 - 4 times
25 Mar 2010 - 1 time
26 Mar 2010 - 5 times
27 Mar 2010 - 8 times
28 Mar 2010 - 2 times
29 Mar 2010 - 15 times
30 Mar 2010 - 9 times
31 Mar 2010 - 10 times
1 Apr 2010 - 18 times
2 Apr 2010 - 7 times
3 Apr 2010 - 9 times
4 Apr 2010 - 3 times
5 Apr 2010 - 0 times
6 Apr 2010 - 2 times
7 Apr 2010 - 1 time
8 Apr 2010 - 27 times
9 Apr 2010 - 23 times
10 Apr 2010 - 43 times
11 Apr 2010 - 29 times
12 Apr 2010 - 17 times
At some point i re-installed the whole thing, run a lot of different tools as described in THIS post. Now the phone hangs generally 2-3 times per day. Not so bad, if compared after my original MR1-update!

Sony Ericsson! Please listen to me, please port Android to the X2! I can't stop repeating myself! Please port Androind to this phone! I would be ready to pay for such upgrade!

-(21 Feb 2010) added issue about sound-profile reset
-(21 Feb 2010) phone-lock comment
-(24 Feb 2010) more complaints about the ring-tone (today the phone re-set the ringtone 5 times!)
-(2 Mar 2010) Added note about image-browsing
-(3 Mar 2010) Comment about stability
-(3 Mar 2010) Added first screenshot
-(5 Mar 2010) Hot battery/phone when charging! Added hang-counter
-(8 Mar 2010) Added solution to messed up e-mail.
-(11 Mar 2010) Specifying numbers for a contact is messed up..
-(12 Mar 2010) Added new entry about the messed up message-app
-(18 Mar 2010) Reinstalled Windows, updated what's still not working, dead pixel
-(22 Mar 2010) Updated hang-count.
-(6 Apr 2010) Added comment about time-zone update, camera, moving around on the screen and the way WindowsMobile installs applications. Updated also the hang-count. From March 24th to April 5th i was on vacation. Surfing the web with my x2 on the beach, and fiddling with the phone made it crash/hang more or less once per hour. This sucks..
-(12 Apr 2010) Updated the counter for crashes. I guess it's time to stop counting. It's pointless to just keep up a track on how many times this f*cking piece of shit crashes (sorry for my bad language, but i can't keep it in anymore!) My work starts already to suffer from having removing the battery multiple times per hour. Now i just divert my cellphone to my deskphone, so i'm not missing my customers calls! #%Q#W% f*ck!
-(13 Apr 2010) Added link to a new Facebook-group:
-(14 Apr 2010) Found probably a solution for my setup that seems to be stable, but still slow!
-(14 Apr 2010) Windows mobile can't pick correct names to calling-list if using the same long prefix-number for several contacts
-(18 Apr 2010) Added notice about erased SD-card! Scary shit!!
-(19 Apr 2010) A small diagnosis about my messed up SD-card
-(20 Apr 2010) Added notice to my crash-count list. Also corrected some terms where i talked about "disk" instead of "SD-card". Fixed some formatting-issues (eg. got rid of stuff that currently works better)
-(21 Apr 2010) It takes 3 min 42 secs to start the phone, and make your first call..
-(26 Arp 2010) Added comments about the phone not noticing that the keyboard is opened. Also the phone is getting more slow every day...
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Posted: 2010-02-19 09:19:36
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iopy Posts: 37

1: The phone is a slow starter, that is for sure, but mine always go to the "enter pin code" screen after rebooting.
2: The sound profile is lacking, that's right.
3: My alarm works just fine, and as fare as I know, it hasnt crashed my phone, yet...
4:The Wifi did work just fine with mine too, but now it is lagging in the connection. What I've found out; you go to settings, then to Connections and WiFi, then hit search for new, the phone dosent find any network, but will keep on searching, and after half a minute ore so, viola, it connects to your network.
5: The sms alarm is buggy on mine too. Sometimes it works great, other times it is just like you describe it.
6: It's Windows, in good and bad
7: My phone really got a speed burst after reinstalling the OS.

You should try reinstalling the OS. It might solve some of your problems. And be carefully with installing 3-party aps. Hopefully there will be a new firmware soon, that will solve all of the bugs, and then we have the phone we paid for...
Posted: 2010-02-19 11:41:54
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doministry Posts: > 500

On 2010-02-19 11:41:54, iopy wrote:
2: The sound profile is lacking, that's right.

You can set any sound you like for all the phone's actions.
You can also assing vibration and no vibration for most of it,
so customizing this on WM is much more elaborate than on any feature phone.

So what do you mean....?
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Posted: 2010-02-19 12:56:53
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iopy Posts: 37

Sound profile means that you can change your profile from normal to silence, home, meting etc... Then you can customise sound for each profile.
Posted: 2010-02-19 13:45:22
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rene Posts: 125

On 2010-02-19 13:45:22, iopy wrote:
Sound profile means that you can change your profile from normal to silence, home, meting etc... Then you can customise sound for each profile.

Exactly! It feels stupid to have to change all settings separately each time you want to update your sound-profile. The most convinient way is to click on the profile you would want to use: Meeting, Home, Office, Outdoors etc...
Posted: 2010-02-19 16:15:45
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anonymuser Posts: > 500

On 2010-02-19 11:41:54, iopy wrote:
You should try reinstalling the OS.

Six words that should never go together when you're talking about a phone.
Posted: 2010-02-19 16:40:20
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rene Posts: 125

Six words that should never go together when you're talking about a phone.

I agree to 100%. And that's what never can be the case when we are talking about WINDows!
Posted: 2010-02-19 16:52:04
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TimeKiller Posts: 46

You know - Windows mobile is the most customizable OS on the phones - nothing compares with it in that matter. Therefore some people (me included) like it more then anything else on the market. You can check this link for more details if you are interested in more details. However ability and power to do whatever you want with you phone does come at a price - unexperienced users can easy mess up something (as example with installing/uninstaling unstable software etc...). Fortunatelly - if something goes wrong, you can always connect you phone to SEUS (talking about X2) and reinstall original sowtware ... and start to play from the beginning.
If you are not this king of user - you better buy an iPhone. It have many dissadvantages compared to X2 or any other WM device, while in the same time (because you can't change/install everything) it is more stable because it's NOT that easy (if at all possible) set something wrong...
After all - it's a personal choice of every one to buy and use whatever he want to - we all paid money for our phones, so we are free to choose what to buy
I like my X2 very much, but only after 2 weeks of usage - it takes some time to get familiar with the device/WM and to discover his full powers and beauty.

Posted: 2010-02-19 22:17:18
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rene Posts: 125

I have to disagree in a couple of ways.
1) You say that winmo can be customized very well. Tell me why there then has to be full on "Microsoft" branding in every windows mobile phone i have tested til now!? For example the x2 has a microsoft-panel that is just useless. I can't remove it from the favourites, and i cant uninstall it (maybe by tweaking the registry, but that's again not what i call customizing!).

Do you by the way mean by customizing that you can install ton of apps, or that you can tweak many features via the registry (like for example hiding SIM SMS-messages from the message-list)? Many of these features where standard features on my previous phones, so i can't really say that this is a feature...

2) I think that by customizing completely, cou can create an user interface that your users are used to. Windows mobile is the same all over. I would say that without the panels, the X2 would have been a complete UI-disaster.

3) You are right that the Ifone is stable. That's in my opinion because of the os that runs on it, BSD. If an app crashes, it's just the app that crashes, and not the operating system as we, sadly but true, are used to with the desktop-windows. Why can a badly written app be responsible for messing up a complete fone?? This should NOT be possible in any circumstanses!

The Ifone has some really great touch-screen features, like zooming and moving around. I'm not sure about the Ifone-specs, but i'll bet that the processor is not more powerful than the one that is in the X2, and the current X2 is like moving around in TAR!!!
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Posted: 2010-02-20 22:05:12
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TimeKiller Posts: 46

I don't understand one simple thing - if you like iPhone (or whatever phone you like) so much, then why don't you buy it instead of waste your money on useless, slow, buggy, etc... X2 ? (besides, iPhone is cheaper then X2)

In my country - in whatever shops you go - there are many different models from all mobile phones producers available. And before you buy it - you can test any model you like.
Posted: 2010-02-21 01:05:00
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