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remyrz Posts: 4

Hey guys, .. Im a sad dominican person.. Lol.. Well.. Yea.. Really sad.. I used to have an xperia x1 in my hands.. Like.. For 2 weeks.. It was from vodafone.. So.. European.. And one day.. Enjoying my super phone i had it on a charger (with and adapter ‘cause the charger it has was the european one) and also connected to my radio through the 3mm.. So.. After 1 minute of hearing music.. The electricity in my house had an up and down.. Like a blink.. And my x1 went down.. And wont woke up... It is here.. In his box.. Waiting for someone that could help me... I'd tried everything... But here in dominican republic i havent found a brilliant person that could fix it.. And.. Is not the battery ‘cause i tried with a new one and didn't turn on.. Can someone help me plizzz!!! =(
ps: 3 persons tried, including 1 at Orange DOminicana.. but nothing...

any help would be apreciated.. (sorry for my bad english...)
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Posted: 2010-02-22 04:12:48
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rene Posts: 125


You don't need to SHOUT over here.. we hear you loud and clear...

Can you turn on the phone at all, or is it completely black? Did yo try to turn it on by holding the volume-down button + power-button til you see the Sony Ericsson logo?
Posted: 2010-02-22 09:52:55
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remyrz Posts: 4

Hey.. thanks for the reply!.. well i supose that is the master reset or something.. i did it at once when I messed up the phone with 1 week in my hands lol i supose i am courious.. well.. right now im not in my town.. but when i get there i'll try.. but I dont think it will work.. =/.. is like.. death.. not even the red light in the power button turns on =(
but again.. ill try.. thanks
Posted: 2010-02-22 22:23:57
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