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hi to everyone, i recently got a new x2 (upgraded from my x1) i'm not a newbie around this forum but i've searched the whole forum and can't find an answer to my little problem.
i've installed cyberon voice dialer and btjetfix (so that i can use voicedialing on my x2) but but my problem is that i press the button on my bt headset and it activates voicedialing but the sound is not routed to my bt hesdset microphone, but to my phone microphone, if i call the name that i want it uses the phone's microfone and the sound is heard on my phone's speaker but the call is routed to my bt headset. that makes it impossible for me to call using my bt headset when my phone is in my pocket. all the above worked very sucsesfully on my x1 but now it's driving me crazy, is there any registry key that i can activate or deactivate to make it work properly?
other than that the phone is quite good i've had no other problems with it so far. thanks to everyone in advance.
Posted: 2010-03-15 22:45:05
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