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silentstorm Posts: 42

Hi guys! I'm in Greece for the last 8 months and I'll be going back to Toronto soon. Recently I saw that FIDO is decreasing the area code boundaries which mean for me and a lot of people that work just outside their area code boundaries, that they'll be subject to a lot of long distance charges. By chance I came across Wind that operates on the new AWS 1700 Mhz 3G HSPA band and I was very impressed with their huge Home Zone coverage boundaries as well as with their pricing policy. I plan on getting a SE Experia X10, but if I get a X10i from Greece then I will switch to Wind Mobile because it won't have FIDO/ROGERS 3G bands. Otherwise I wait to get the X10a when I get back to Toronto. I would greatly appreciate any feedback from Wind Mobile Canada customers as to be able to decide on which version of the X10 to buy. Also if anyone is using the X10i on Wind already if you can post how well it performs on Wind's network. Thanks in advance! -Peter. This message was posted from a WAP device
Posted: 2010-04-20 23:18:47
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