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I have worked hard lately to finish the implementation of a new version of the Esato Photo section. These days, it is possible to upload your mobile phone photos to hundreds of photo sharing sites. We are not going to compete with them. Esato focuses on mobile phones, and the photo section should reflect that by being a good place to compare photos captured with such "entry-level" cameras.

Bug fixes
Corrected grouping of phone models and manufacture names. Samsung Electronics, Samsung Techwin, Samsung Techwin co., Ltd are all Samsung phones. Sony Ericsson E10i is listed as Xperia X10 Mini.
Google Maps feature for photos with GPS location is fixed and updated to latest version of Google Maps.
Improvements Essential phone features is listed together with EXIF data if camera phone is known and found in the phone database.
Phone information is shown when moving the mouse pointer over over a thumbnail image
Possible to remove your own photos.
Possible to rotation of your own photos. This could be done automatically when the photo was uploaded, but I have chosen to let the photo owner do this manually.

Do something about the rating calculation. Visitors tend to give a rating of 1 or 10. Nothing between.

We will soon be moving to another web server. It is a cheaper and much better alternative than the 6-7 year old machines we are running on today. The price will be lower, storage space will be increased, and so will monthly bandwith limit. When this is done, we will increase the daily upload limit.

The photo section is here
Posted: 2010-07-07 02:37:41
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