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farrukhayub Posts: 21

The Sony Ericsson Vivaz just recieved a new firmware update. You can download the R2ea023 firmware via the SEUS app (check out the instructions below). Note that it may take some time for the new firmware version to be released in your country (depending on your phones product code). Changelog after the break.

How to update:

1. go to SEUS download page
2. download the file
3. install it on your computer
4. restart your machines (both computer and phone) >for fon remove your battery and reinsert it. DO NOT turn it on..
5. plz make sure u have a good internet connection 1st before u proceed with the next step.
6. run SEUS on your computer and follow SEUS instructions and requirements.


* Start up is faster.
* Google maps updated now has search by voice feature..
* Facebook and Roadsync Panels which can now be added to your standby screen.
* Enhanced performance and functionality for YouTube, Facebook, RoadSync and Barcode Reader.
* Stability improvement in the areas of W-LAN, MMS and Internet.
* Video quality improvement for playing MPEG4 format.
* Performance improvement when multitasking.

Posted: 2010-09-05 11:12:45
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anouk82 Posts: > 500

i have already stated this info.
Posted: 2010-09-05 13:19:20
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PhoenixR Posts: 39

Hi all,

Just updated to the new firmware R2EA021 (T-Mobile Hungary). What I noticed so far:

- boot is really a lot faster - not that it would need to be restarted too often
- Google Maps is now version 4.1.1, lots of new features there
- Camera interface works much faster, still a bit slower than I would like, but a big leap from how it was

It does seem a bit faster and smoother, but that will need more time to confirm. Also, I had some trouble with overexposed pictures in the camera before, that appears to be fixed, but will need some testing in bright sunlight.
Posted: 2010-09-06 21:01:22
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Darney76 Posts: 15

Hello! Threads on this phone seem to be dead, so I must be late, but does anyone know if this firmware will work for a US phone? I have an AT&T Vivaz debranded to the generic Argentina R2CA024. I can't quite figure out from the different language/location version of R2EA023 if it will be compatible in the USA. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!
Posted: 2010-12-20 21:56:31
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nem-esis Posts: 11

hello again bros like you can se im a fan of symbian now i do have a vivaz and im asking me over the possibility of install this firmware R2EA023 what was the last firmware to have more improves but by seus only update me to R2CA024 and seus say me what is the last available i know that this is for the carrier what only in that firmare did make the customizacion, but i can do update with wotanserver what if have available R2EA023 but here is where i dont know like do to have the same customization before in java i can do uptate with seus and after upload any firmware is possible make the same in Symbian any know of this theme
Posted: 2014-02-14 03:00:21
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