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bl-gr-n Posts: 113

Got Halebop as it's the cheapest and having a fast network. Being a subsidiary of Telia and sharing network with them.

Having two contracts with Halebop.
The first with the X10 mini. "Hallå and Super Surf with 10GB/month"
Using the Mini only as phone. Friends and family now and use that phone number.

With the Desire HD I got me a second contract also "Hallå with bas(ic) surf of 3GB/month"
Using the DHD as computer replacement at work and on the run

According to Halebop
One can change the Surf (with a 30 days delay) between Surf BAS, PLUS and SUPER by SMS.

Wanna change the X10Mini to BAS and the DHD to SUPER.
Coz the SUPER does allow for tether a computer, among other benefits.

Can't nether downgrade the X10 Mini contract, nor upgrade the DHD contract.

Any Halebop users here on Esato (guess Halebop is in all Nordic countres)

The Mini was bought SIM-free but the DHD was with a Halebop contract.

Sms code "SURF SUPER" to 4433, (from the DHD) should upgrade the DHD Surf.
As well as code "SURF BAS" also to 4433, (from the X10 mini) should downgrade the SUPER to BAS, after 30 days.

All I get is a fault message, saying the service isn't available?

The Halebop doesn't have a phone support...
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Posted: 2011-04-09 19:48:27
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bl-gr-n Posts: 113

I answer my own question

Don't know why the SMS doesnt work but got email from Halebop.
Saying upgrading OK, downgrading NOK
Not by any means, even Tough they clearly says, send SMS to change SURF-add on.
Posted: 2011-04-09 20:52:50
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hihihans Posts: > 500

Why didn't you just swap the simcards and email friends and family the "new"number?
Posted: 2011-04-10 00:52:01
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bl-gr-n Posts: 113

Thanks Hans

Had hoped not to have to do so
Well now I have swapped the Sim-cards

So the "Surf super" is now with the DHD and "Surf plus" (had not bas)is with the X10 Mini.

In the morning, I have message everyone the new number.

The "Surf super" plan, besides a 10GB of data, also allows tether a computer, file sharing and VOIP.

Posted: 2011-04-10 03:29:54
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