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sonydawg Posts: 9

I'm thinking about buying a new Mini, but read that it operates on the 900/2100 frequency (for 3G usage). T-Mobile uses 1700/2100 but I hear one is for upload and the other is for download, and that in Europe they use the same frequency for both upload and download (2100).

If I buy a the mini, am I screwed out of 3G? How slow will 2g transfer speeds be? I've shopped around and have been a fan of Ericsson products way back when I had my first T68, so I sure hope this phone's compatible.

Thanks guys!
Posted: 2011-08-04 03:01:41
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sonydawg Posts: 9

Just wanted to update anyone who's wondering if this phone will work on T-Mobile US's network...

According to a tech guy from T-Mobile, the new Mini will work on the network, however only at 2G speeds.

Do any of you think that T-Mobile does this intentionally so that people will buy their own offerings as opposed to over seas options? It's a real shame if that's the case.

None of T-Mobile US's options seem to inspire me...
Posted: 2011-08-11 12:02:25
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sonydawg Posts: 9

Hey everyone... Just thought I'd stop by and mention that I recently purchased the new mini (st15i) and I'm plesantly surprized! I know this is kind of embarassing, but it's my first smart phone. It came in the mail on Thursday.

Anyway, I was a little apprehensive at first, but data transfer seems remarkably seamless! I actually streamed pandora last night on my way home from school with only a few hiccups. I remedied the problem by pausing pandora and allowing it to buffer. From there on end, I had no stoppages in music. Keep in mind that in the US this phone will be limited to 2g EDGE speeds, but data transfer still seems pretty quick (at least to me). Overall reception and call quality are great, too! Screen is both sharp and vivid and both CPU and RAM specs are more than enough for what I need in a phone.

So far all I've gotten are compliments; especially on the phone's overall small size and svelt design. There's a certain kind of attractiveness that SE's smartphones seem to have where other manufactures (at least in the US) seem to fall short.

Any questions, let me know!
Posted: 2011-08-30 12:06:28
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