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randomuser Posts: > 500

So putting all the info together the Yuga specs would look like this probably -

5 inch 1920x1080 JDI IPS LTPS screen w OptiContrast panel
Similar dimensions as Ion
APQ 8064 1.5ghz Quad Core CPU/Adreno 320 GPU + MDM9615 modem
32 GB Internal Memory
Android 4.2
Clear Audio +
Mobile Bravia Engine 2
Walkman Audio technology (hardware based)
2500mAh battery (or maybe 2800mAh if zomgbbqftw is right)
16 megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor/ 13 megapixel Exmor RS sensor with Pulse LED Flash ( the former is more likely)
Cybershot Superior Auto Mode
2MP front camera (maybe Full HD Exmor R)
Micro SD Expansion
New 2013 Sony Xperia UI
BT 4.0
Out of the box support for xvid, divx,mkv files

Posted: 2012-10-14 16:16:02
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mariozlp Posts: 368

i think i'll be ok if i manage to buy a V from another country. Only plans for phablets on 2013's portfolio? no more normal phones?
Anyone knows if on AX the sony logo light up?? (as on GX and TX, its under the screen as well, so it might. no?)
Posted: 2012-10-14 16:24:20
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stedus Posts: > 500

WOW, the new Xperia will be a BEAST with those specs
New UI is actually what Im hoping for the 2013 devices to have
the current Timescape (or UXP UI??) looks fine but its a little out of date
Posted: 2012-10-14 16:38:05
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kewsvnet Posts: 295

@randomuser those specs sound awesome...for a flagship that should definitely put Sony back on the top!

however I do find 5" a bit too big for my liking...from what I can tell Odin and Yuga both have 5" screens! What sort of specs can we expect for Dogo (I don't know if it has already been mentioned and I have missed it)...much appreciated!
Posted: 2012-10-14 16:41:33
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Xajel Posts: > 500

On 2012-10-14 15:30:29, HxH wrote:
If I were you @Xajel I would grab Xperia S now as it should bargain price and wait for real breast in 2H '13

The problem is I'm on a contract, and it's already finished, I can go for Note 2 now if I want as it's already available, but I'm want XT...
my contract is one year, so If I have my XT now, I'll surly take the 2H flagship !!

I was planing to do so waiting for 2H13 flagship, but now as the 1H13 flagship will have 2GB RAM and all these good stuff then it will be a beast and future proof for sure... the gap between the 1H13 and 2H13 flagship is getting less and less... but, Even If I'm going to have the S I'll pay the same amount monthly what will be different is the advance ( Note 2 can be taken with less than $200 advanced with 1 year contract, $66/month ), I'm expecting same price for XT, less than $200 advance with $66/month for 1 year... with S I might pay $130 less in advance so only $70... I find that XT worth the extra $130 now compared to S... specially that I already have another contract for my wife with S... I want to take another thing...

I think I might wait this month for XT, I hope it will come this month, or maximum early next month
Posted: 2012-10-14 16:49:40
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motvikt Posts: > 500

On 2012-10-14 15:40:38, randomuser wrote:

On 2012-10-14 15:30:29, HxH wrote:
If I were you @Xajel I would grab Xperia S now as it should bargain price and wait for real breast in 2H '13


On Topic, I thought vivftp would post this but seems he isn't online. zomgbbqftw from NeoGaf forums posted this :

Yuga.1080p 5" screen, S4 Pro (quad core), LTE and I have heard that it has a mega battery (2500-2800mAh) and 32GB plus microSD slot.

Releases in Europe and Japan in Q1, US date and networks not set, but I have heard AT&T and VZW are very interested. There is also a 6" phablet planned for Q2 (1080p, same internal as Yuga) and a Q4 5" flagship with an as yet unset SoC (ST-E L9600 is what I have heard, but it is still early days) is also in the works, again 1080p 5" almost no bezel.

The 1080p screens are from JDI, not Sharp so the quality is unknown right now as they haven't been previewed yet by any news outlets but I have been told that they boast massive native contrast ratios and very decent colour reproduction.

And finally, Sony are about to release their first set of Jelly Bean updates for the Xperia T/TX, S and Acro S. My best estimate is 10-15 days from now. Also, the Xperia TL will be out in around two weeks and the update should roll out very quickly (within days of release as it is undergoing final testing right now).

I have no ETA on the V, it was mid November for UK and Japan, but since then it has changed (possibly brought forward).

As you can see whatever he's saying matches with what I posted and also unknown13x said the same thing on XDA yesterday. He also talked about the 10 inch Xperia tablet coming in 2013 with Bravia Engine and Exmor R. So yeah the rumors can now be be considered as Category 5 rumors (extremely close to reality)
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Yes Yes YES, awesome news
Posted: 2012-10-14 16:52:49
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randomuser Posts: > 500

As I already mentioned, don't call odin/yuga phablets. You are getting 5 inch screen in the body of a 4.55 inch 2012 Xperia Ion. I don't think people call Ion as phablet, so Yuga/Odin aren't phablets either. The 6 incher is definitely a phablet.

And yes the gap between 1H and 2H flagship is not that huge. 2H flagship will have more powerful CPU/GPU (not huge difference though). And will have a OLED Full HD screen instead of IPS LCD and a better camera.
Posted: 2012-10-14 17:04:12
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Bonovox Posts: > 500

Some news here

Material things don't matter,but Rock n Roll does!!!!

Nokia Lumia 800 White
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Posted: 2012-10-14 17:07:00
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-XYZ Posts: > 500

Holy sh~!
How the hell did Sony extract near-as-makes-no-difference 60fps on 1080p Smartphone! That is impressive, to say the absolute least. No, almost legendary! Can you imagine Project Butter on this thing? Holy shit, if this thing has a Digitiser Stylus (with Palm Rejection), say hello to my new phone ladies and gents.
Posted: 2012-10-14 17:19:45
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stedus Posts: > 500

Spectre51 from XDA Forum
Actually look for the Odin to have a glass front and back and be flat. That's the latest I have.

New design )
Posted: 2012-10-14 18:20:48
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