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Mimzo Posts: > 500

Is there any way to make the P800 capitalize automatically when writing SMS? My T68i had capitalization - only logical that you should get a capital letter after a period and so on. I know the P800 lets me choose the type of character case (ABC, Abc, or 123) but is there no way to make capitalization automatic? It slows me down tremendously to capitalize and capitalization is important to me.
Posted: 2003-02-14 17:25:00
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mcruz Posts: 20

ya. i've been wondering about that same problem too.
Posted: 2003-02-15 01:51:00
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pachy Posts: > 500

If your talking about text input on qwerty virtual keyboard doesn`t the little button with the arrow on it below the case change button allow for capital start. i`m sure it does.
Posted: 2003-02-15 02:11:00
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Coramoor Posts: > 500

He's prolly writing in flip closed mode....
I don't think it's possible.

My "c" button doesn't work properly in flip closed mode...
Perhaps the pin is missing the c area on the screen.
If I jiggle the buttons back and forth a little it sometimes works.
Not that it matters. I never write with the flip closed.

[ This Message was edited by: Coramoor on 2003-02-15 10:32 ]
Posted: 2003-02-15 11:29:00
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Mimzo Posts: > 500


Yes, I do mean flip-closed mode. It's easier sometimes like when I'm driving and so on.
Posted: 2003-02-15 12:07:00
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