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MartinR Posts: 86

Im going to buy a p800 and on the same time i might order some accessories, what would you recommend me to buy?

more ms duo memory, currently the 64mb one?
bluetooth adapter so i can bluetooth to my pc?
bluetooth handsfree?

Should I buy any of those? or should I buy anything else? or nothing and just settle for the p800?

And of course Im not rich so I cant buy all my dreams but maybe i can buy the right ones with a bit of tips got any??
Posted: 2003-02-16 19:51:00
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vccu75 Posts: 3

more memory is a good move. the bluetooth devices for pc may come second. plus extra batts and/or car chargers to keep up the power coz with maximum use of the good features the p800 has, you will discover that the li-ion batt may only last a day. always have a charger anywhere (may it be in your car) or better yet have the extra batt. =)
Posted: 2003-02-16 21:57:00
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fijbert Posts: > 500

memory stick all the way..
the BT connector for u comp is useless cuz u hv the craddle
BT headset.. I doubt u will leave ur P800 10m away from u at any time..
the headset available will do the job...
Posted: 2003-02-16 22:05:00
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WoeDee Posts: 149

2)car charger
3)bt accessories
Posted: 2003-02-16 22:07:00
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Zoidy Posts: 114

1) Memory
2) Extra Battery
3) USB retractable charging cable from Brando.
Posted: 2003-02-16 22:52:00
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lazarini Posts: > 500

2. energy accesories
3. bt

@ zoidy can u plese submit a link to that usb charger sounds interesting ...

regards laz
Posted: 2003-02-16 22:57:00
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Lopio Posts: 266

I use hbh 30 when im driving, extra mem would be my next priority. This message was posted from a P800
Posted: 2003-02-16 23:45:00
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Ginz Posts: 368

I`ve a lot of accessoires for the P800

A carkit (universal)
A mobile charger CMT-10
2x the CDS-11 (also one for my girlfriend)
Original P800 cradle
6x normal charger (got one by every ericsson I owned before)
A BT Headset (HBH-30)

But, the mobile charger (CMT-10) I like the most.
You can recharge your mobile anytime, anywhere.

The MSD card is the only accessoire I don`t this moment, I`m waiting for the 128MB version to come out....
If it`s out, I will buy it for sure
Posted: 2003-02-17 00:26:00
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fijbert Posts: > 500

my batt lasts me 1.5days with use of GPRS (1.5hrs a day), a lot of calls, and a lot of gaming...
I dont see the point of getting an extra batt n e more
Posted: 2003-02-17 03:44:00
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senninha Posts: > 500

1. screen protector
2. BT accessories for net access if you're a laptop user
3. higher capacity memory sticks when they come out
4. USB charging cable to use the laptop to charge your phone. very cheap and a great idea!
5. extra battery
6. if you still have cash, BT headset would be nice!

Posted: 2003-02-17 04:16:00
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