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roysap Posts: 2

Dear all,

I really need some help on my P800 installation. I bought it 3 days ago and I have problems here and there.
1. When I install the PCSuite, my PC cannot detect my modem and needs to install the driver and the COM Ports are troubled. I tried to change the Port but with no avail. (I am using Windows XP). I tried both in my PC and my Toshiba notebook, and in the notebook it becomes worst, the modem cannot longer be detected at all!!! WHY?
2. In my PC, I tried to synchronize my P800 but it is so hard for me to connect it with my PC,... it always appear: not connected. When at last I succeed to connect, the synchronization only runs in the Address book (no option available for email, messages, etc).
3. How to install Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint to my P800 so I can work with them?

Thank you very much in advance to all repliers and to you who may help me.

Posted: 2003-02-18 12:39:00
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mrNoodles Posts: > 500

What version of PC Suite are you using?
I had some problems (it didnt work at all) with the 1.0.0 version (the one added on CD)
Download the newest from and re-try!!
It works like a charm after installning the newer version!

Hope this helps!


You cant!
At the moment you cant work with the office docs. Just view them! You can read about some Java Office for P800 (Symbian) here on Esato.

- mrNoodles -
P800 - 7210 for sale!!

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Posted: 2003-02-18 13:47:00
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roysap Posts: 2

Saya baru beli P800 dan ternyata installationnya sungguh MEMBINGUNGKAN!!!

1. Setelah PC Suite saya install, modem di PC saya tidak dapat dideteksi. (WHY???). Hal ini terjadi juga saat saya mencoba menginstall di Toshiba notebook, lebih parah, internal modemnya tiba2 undetected!!

2. Gimana sih synchronization itu kok setelah SyncStation dihubungkan ke PC and P800 diattach di SyncStation itu tetap saja 'not connected'? Padahal lampu hijau kecilnya nyala loh!

3. Saya ingin menginstall Word, Excel, dan PowerPoint di P800 saya. Ada yang dapat memberi tahu caranya? Download programnya di mana?

4. Saya menggunakan IM3 prabayar. Bagaimana meng-setup GPRSnya di P800 saya? Di kolom "server address" itu diisi apa?

Terimakasih banyak untuk semua yang dapat membantu.

hormat saya

Posted: 2003-02-19 11:18:00
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