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Homeless Posts: 107

Good afternoon i have a P1i i would like to update the firmware on. I know Sony have discontinued support but is there any way i can do this. Also a strange one when i hold c and turn the phone on the computer does not seem to recognise it as being in flash mode. It is windows 7 i am using it on. Is it simply because it is too old for the operating system. Many thanks
Posted: 2014-04-26 14:10:56
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brunoXT Posts: 115

I would like to know this as well. In the last year nostalgia have come up to me and I am staring to get the classics SE phones again.

Just recently I got a brand new in box W950 with all the manuals and discs. I believe that in one disc is the SE Update Service software. Will try to install it and see what happens.

Posted: 2014-06-04 20:36:35
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Johnkaery Posts: 3

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Posted: 2015-08-28 08:30:35
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Lena01 Posts: 3

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Posted: 2017-10-25 11:43:45
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