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Xajel Posts: > 500

I know this topic has been here for long time already, but every time there's new products around there, and every one of us will have more experience with time...

I currently only use Sony branded microUSB cables, they're durable, fast charging and very good... the only problem about them is that they're short...

I'll buy few cables later from ebay, but I'm in a search for a longer cable also ( 2.0 - 2.5 meters = 6 - 8 feets ), but I don't want to go for cheaper one, I still want durable and quality cables like Sony one...

I heard so much about Monoprice 24AWG grade cables, but sadly Monoprice does not ship internationally, and even Amazon will not ship these cables internationally also, I can buy them through my address in USA or UK, but this will add extra cost ( almost $12 for each 1pound or less order + $9 for each extra pound )

So any body here have any experience with this ?
Posted: 2015-01-11 14:15:33
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vidhisharma Posts: 5

i know you are not happy because of that shipping charge but if you goes with online shopping then there must be taken shipping chage all the time. .!!
Posted: 2015-04-30 12:01:17
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AlejandroMax Posts: 1

After wearing out several more cables that moved little and stayed indoors at a desk, it's time to talk about USB Cables again.

There are some schools of thought that say they are supposed to wear out to protect the gadget or that it just makes sense to buy them as cheaply as possible; these lines of thinking are incompatible with the sub.

So here it is in its most basic form: what is the brand of your oldest micro USB? How long did it last? What sort of abuse did it take?
Posted: 2020-10-21 10:14:17
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