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Supa_Fly Posts: > 500

MWC 2018 Sony announced the Xperia Ear Duo ... a new innovative stereo bluetooth headset.[....]-products/xperia-ear-duo/#gref

The main new addition to Sony's earphones is the "Spatial Acoustic Conductor," which Sony describes as a way to allow the sound generated behind the user's ear by the unit's driver "to be transmitted directly into the ear. The Spatial Acoustic Conductor, developed by our in-house technology incubator Future Lab Program™, allows the sound generated behind the ear by the unit´s driver to be transmitted directly into the ear. The specially designed ring supporter surrounds the ear canal so your music can blend seamlessly with sounds from your environment.

This way users will be able to hear their music while not being totally out of tune with noises coming in from their environment, which the company refers to as "Dual Listening." As such, there is no toggle to turn off the feature and block out ambient sounds.

PS: First I'm very shocked/surprised to see this news on an Apple forum before esato ( so I had to post here.
Posted: 2018-02-27 06:04:05
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Johnparkar21 Posts: 1

I was very much excited about getting those sony Experia ear duo since I have heard about them to be launched. Then I finally got them last month. The sound is awesome but I was facing a bit of issue with the connectivity when helped me and got them recovered. Now it is working absolutely great.
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Posted: 2018-09-03 16:29:09
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yuunanase Posts: 290

Xperia Ear Duo is the best stereo true wireless headphones I have ever used. Where every others I have used disconnects in crowded areas, this pair is just so stable. The problem is that the sound is a bit quiet when watching movies. Other than that, these are awesome.
Posted: 2018-09-04 02:35:36
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