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Supa_Fly Posts: > 500

Sony WF-1000XM3

My honest personal review ... Lord of have mercy!!

I just purchased these ... what a mission racing to Bay & Bloor Radio @ Bay/Bloor in Toronto ... 2ND last pair.

If you haven’t been here paying attention to reviews or listening to those that have purchased these ... let me echo the others and on top of that Kidd Rock is in Toronto and also purchased these today at the same store earlier than I have. Big shout out to Alan at Bay/Bloor Radio and store manager for seriously being proper gents each professional and even extended the utmost courtesy of letting me jump in to purchase these after racing in Uber and arriving 9mins as the stir closes (Beers to come tomorrow gents)!!

I have a wide range of music from Hip Hop to House (Progressive, Classic, to Afro and EDM), and Rock N Roll to Dance/Pop.

Packaging is a nice presentation, a precursor the the audio experience you’re about to enjoy.

I’ve NOT downloaded nor installed the Sony Headphones Connect for fear of getting update 4.1 that I’ve read in 2 reviews damaging the left side earbud. This is odd because these are 1/3 on the market with true wireless were neither is master/salve to the other - so this should not happen.

Right out of the box ... volume was too loud (due to having Gen1 AirPods needing full blast on iPhone).

Signature song: TI - Go Get It ; very deep and low frequency hip hop which I’d say the production of base and kids is a bit sharp and dirty (probably intended). But handled the bass without any static or pops or anything.

Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing
When I first heard this track was with my pops’ Marantz component system with 4x10” woofers, 6x5” mids, and 8x2”/2.5” tweeters and I can tell you I’ve never had headphones come close to the warmth, crisp of the high hats and the bass guitar without affecting this musical gods voice. The rise and falls of the background instruments that periodically get played ... that melodic guitar is easy to hear without closing my eyes.

Black Coffee ft Tortured Soul - I know what’s on your mind.
(The original my Tortured Soul many here may know is completely remixed by this S.African DJ and producer (who has the skills to compose and conduct an orchestra live for his own concert 5yrs ago) is a delight.
The pronounced initial attack of each bass drum has a serious kick BUT without punching in your ear drum. It’ll flex but doe NOT affect the softness and lofty lust of the groups vocals. The high hats have their rain as well even beyond the mids. You do NOT miss anything.

How Ya Like Me Now Raffertie remix definitely felt like an intimate live performance ... even that beauty of static off the needle of a record, I’m most impressed. (Same remix featured in S4 of Suits).

Van Halen - Jump
Yup the synthesizers STILL have that 80’s energetic promise of good times. I thought the bass was lacking in this track in my early teens but now I know I was right

Whitesnake - Crying In The Rain (album whitesnake)
- I honestly remembered why I loved this song and yet again made me cry AGAIN; damn you Sony! All I can say on this too painful a memory.

Boasty ft Idris
Great studio like bass and vocals are clear even if ya have issues following the lyrics lol.

New York Handpan 01 & 02 by Sam Maher (found odd YouTube)
- just started finding about this instrument and music and the wide range of what sounds like a melodic steel drum to me. I can crisply hear this hand smacking even with the music non overpowering either. I’m very impressed and can fall into a trance.

Justin Timberlake - Mirrors.
4:16/20 in and at the break during 5:51 gave me a true comparison to what the Jabra Sport Elites, AirPods v1, B&O E8’s v1 and a few others I don’t care to mention have failed to bring out Justins background vocals without being blurred.

To wrap up:
These are smaller that they look on videos or picks. The greyish earplugs are a jelly like feel - I have VERY small ears (6cm from ear lobe to top of my ear) and small ear canals and I have not even stuck these in much with a twist and shakes my head like crazy - they cannot fall out! The case has a very soft velvet like feel without collecting dust or pocket lint. Magnet is as strong if not stronger than Apples AirPods case.

YES: Touch n Hold the Right earbud does invoke Siri without tampering in the Sony app (I haven’t installed it on my iPhone .

$229CAN+ tax ($339.xx all in)
BestBuy has been sold out online and all Toronto stores and tomorrow BayBloor will be sold out and they don’t know when they’ll get theirs.

PS: all my tracks are at 320Mbps at 44.1Khz AAC.

I most definitely recommend these if you prefer True Wireless Earbuds with BT 5.0 and proper seal and lightweight ... I don’t notice ANY difference in weight compared to the AirPods!!

Sony like always with too end headphones as killed it! I’ve said this in another post before n will again:

THESE are the staple for the next generation True Wireless in-ear Headphones! I expect wireless charging and IP-X rating on the next gen.

I’m very happy I did NOT purchase: Galaxy Buds, Beats PowerBeats Pro, AirPods v2 or B&O E8 v2!

PS: Dr FeelGood for the bonus track test.

Posted: 2019-08-18 18:09:01
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pt020 Posts: > 500

Happy for you.. maybe in the future I will get me one of those .. so I can use my Helmet and have good headphones on.
Something I can not do with the Sony WH-1000XM3,
I use the SBH-54 for it.
Anyway ... here in the NL they give a pair for free with a pre-order of the Sony Xperia 5.
Posted: 2019-10-12 09:39:47
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Supa_Fly Posts: > 500

On 2019-10-12 09:39:47, pt020 wrote:
Happy for you.. maybe in the future I will get me one of those .. so I can use my Helmet and have good headphones on.
Something I can not do with the Sony WH-1000XM3,
I use the SBH-54 for it.
Anyway ... here in the NL they give a pair for free with a pre-order of the Sony Xperia 5.

Blimey! A free pair with pre-order? Dayum!
Next month I may just get a slightly older Xperia Compact cannot recall the model but one of the more recent ones in the last 3yrs .. I miss the Sony polish/fit/finish and pure OS reliability and consistent non-throttled battery life. iOS 13 has been a serious clusterfabrication of confused Apple internal coders!@!
Posted: 2019-10-18 02:43:53
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