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Answers to the most common questions on Esato Forums (FAQ style)

Section: K700 K700 General Firmware Communication Syncronization/MPM Mophun/JAVA Customization Tips & Tricks Theme Creators? Other

New! Theme Creators?

Q. Is there a guide to using and getting the most from the S700 camera?
A. cmc0 goes "Snapshot Crazy" with his S700i Picture Taking Guide!

K700 Q & A

K700 support page

K700 faq

Q. On the K700, how do I turn the screensaver clock on?
A. Settings, display, light, automatic

Q. On the K700, what is the fastest way to turn the speaker phone on?
A. Once the call is answered press the joystick in and then press the number that corresponds to loudspeaker option, i.e. on mine its 5 but some people have it as option 7

Q. On the K700, Can the speaker phone be activated as default or before answering the call?
A. NO!

Q. What is the difference between K700, K700i and K700c?
A. K700 is the generic name
K700c is the name for the chinese markets model
K700i is the international version for the rest of the world

Q. I can not use the zoom when in camera mode?
A. taken from the K700 faq

When you can use the zoom is depending on what picture size you've selected. When the zoom functionality is available a magnifying glass appears in the top of the display. Use the navigation key, up/down, to zoom.

1280x960 pixels (Extended) - Zoom is not available
640x480 pixels (VGA) - Zoom is not available
320x240 pixels (QVGA)- 2x zoom
160x120 pixels (QQVGA) - 4x zoom
176x144 pixels - 2x zoom
128x96 pixels - 4x zoom


Q. What is this BlueJacking I keep hearing about?
A. You can find a thread about BlueJacking here.

Q. How do I get into the service menu?
A. Non SE UIQ Press: [joystick right] [star] [joystick left] [joystick left] [star] [joystick left] [star]
SE UIQ: in the applications screen click on Edit, then System Information OR close flip or activate virtual keyboard then: [jog dial up] [star] [jog dial down] [jog dial down] [star] [jog dial down] [star]

Q. Can I turn off the clock screensaver and use my own screensaver instead?
A. No. It's impossible to turn off the clock screensaver. It's primary purpose is to save power.

Q. What is that red LED in the joystick on my T610 for?
A. The red LED will light up when you set the phone on charge while it's off and when the phone is low on power. IMY ringtones can also flash the led when they play.

Q. Does my T610 Hiss?
A. Well, if you aren't certain it probably doesn't. All the phones with production date 3w23 and later (hardware version R3 and higher) are definetly hiss free. You can find your phone production date on the sticker under the battery. The hardware version is the 3rd word in the 1st line. Note: Most phones before 3w23 have been repaired and are hiss free now.


Q. What is the latest Firmware version available for my phone?
A. Latest firmware for:
K750i is R2A044. K750 Firmware Overview
V800 is R1J002
T68/T68i is R8A015
T610/T630/Z600 is R6C005 (see also R6B021) and overview of differences between T610 firmware versions
K700i is R2E011 (1), R2E011 (2), R2J002, R2J015, R2L001
and here is an overview of differences between K700 firmware versions, and here is a discussing about the K700 online firmware update service which is now continue here
S700i is R3B032
T616 is R1B027
Z200 is R4E
T310 is R3B003
Z1010 is R1K010
P800 is R2F
P900: Non branded: R4B03, , R5A09, R5B02, orange: R3A06.
To check if newer firmware is available go to the online update service and follow the instructions

Q. How can I find out my phone firmware version?
A. Go into the service menu, then Service Info, then SW Information

Q. Where can I get my phone firmware updated?
A. You will have to take the phone to your local Service Center

Q. Does it cost anything to upgrade the firmware at a Service Center?
A. It's free under the warranty period.

Q. Where do I find a Service Center?
A. You will either have to search the forums, or contact Sony Ericsson to find out. This page might be of interest.

Q. Can I update my phone firmware over a DSR Cable, IRDA, or BlueTooth?
A. No
Here is a thread on updating P900 firmware yourself. Sony Ericsson Update Service

Q. Is it possible to get rid of those ugly Voda Icons?
A. Yes. This thread might be of interest. You should also take a look at and a site. Here is the tutorial by pleber on how to flash the firmware on your phone yourself.
Note that flashing your phone yourself will void your warranty.

Q. I flashed my phone to remove the Vodafone customizations. Now I want to upgrade the firmware to the newest version. Will my phone be upgraded with the Vodafone or original firmware?
A. According to this thread your phone will be flashed back to Vodafone version.


My PC does not detect my phone. What do I do? Here is what you can try...

How to make e-mail work on your phone

Q. I want to transfer files from my PC to the phone. Should I get a Cable, IR, or BlueTooth?
A. This thread might be of interest.

Q. Can I upload pictures from my phone to the PC using a cable?
A. Yes! The new version of FMA lets you download files to your PC via serial cable.

Q. Can I send files to the phone using a cable?
A. You can use Christersson SendFile

Q. I have a BlueTooth dongle. How do I send files to and from my phone?
A. T68/T610: You can send files to the phone by Right-clicking the file in explorer -> Choosing "Send To" -> "BlueTooth" -> [your phone]
T610: You can use OBEX file exchange that you find in your phone services (BlueTooth Neighbourhood -> [Your Phone] -> "OBEX File Transfer") After you open OBEX file transfer you can simply drag/drop files to and from your phone. Note that Games are not accessible this way

When you send files from the phone to the PC they will end up in your "BlueTooth exchange" folder

T610 owners can browse the contents of the "BlueTooth Exchange" folder from the phone by going to: Connectivity -> BlueTooth -> My devices -> [computer] -> Browse files

Q. How do I send games from the phone to the PC?
A. You can't. If you are having trouble sending games from PC to the phone read this thread.

Q. I am trying to use my phone as a GPRS modem for my PC. How do I do that?
A. Reading this thread might answer your question.

Q. Is it possible to browse WAP on my P800 using the computer's ADSL/Cable/Modem/etc... connection?
A. Yes. Here is a thread detailing how. Note that this is NOT supported on T610/T68/T310.


Q. I have set up BlueTooth and paired the phone to the PC but sofware won't detect the phone. What's wrong?
A. Make sure you have activated the COM port used by the BlueTooth Serial Port (found in your phone services) in the Ericsson Mobile Phone Monitor (control panel). Reading
this might be usefull.

Q. I am having trouble syncing outlook with my T610. Can you help?
A. Reading this thread and this thread might be usefull.

Q. I have a problem, SonyEricsson sofware won't connect to my phone. Can you help?
A. This thread might be what you need.


Q. Where can I get some free Mophun games and other illegal or cracked software?
A. Please read the
forum rules.

Q. Where can I buy some Mophun games?
A. You can buy Mophun games worldwide from You can also take a look at Sony Ericsson Fun and Downloads. If you are looking for software for your P800 this might be the site for you.

Q. Can I run ICQ, MSN or IRC on T610?
A. Here is a thread discussing why you CAN'T run any of those apps on T610.

Q. I made my own WAP site but I am unable to download themes and JAVA games directly from my phone. What's wrong?
A. Correct MIME types have to be defined on the server. Contact the system administrator.


Q. I need to modify my ringtones and change the volume. Where can I find a small MIDI editor?
A. Try
this thread. You might also want to take a look in "My Software" on this page.

Q. Why won't the ringtone start full volume even though I have ascending ringtone option set to off?
A. You will find the answer here.

Q. Can I set my own ringtone for the SMS message alert?
A. P800/P900 Yes
all others phones No, you can only change the message alert to the built-in ones offered.

Q. Can I customize the joystick shortcuts on my phone?
A. You can only customize your "joystick left" shortcut. You do that by changing the first entry in your "My Shortcuts" list on the phone. Here is some more info.

Q. Is it possible to use AMR as a ringtone?
A. It's both impossible and undesireble. This is why.

Q. How do I install themes onto my P900/P910
A. With the phone in the cradle you should open "my P900" and either simply drag the utz file from windows explorer over the top of "phone memory" which will put it into the documentunfiled folder, or drag it directly to that folder. then just go to the built in file manager, locate the file in that folder and click it to install. Alternatively beam the file to the phone and go to the beamed folder in messages and click on the theme to install

Tips & Tricks:

Q. What is this 13sec trick I keep hearing about?
A. 13sec trick is when you do a master reset on your phone, wait aprox. 13 sec (the screen goes blank) and then remove the battery. It's supposed to remove all the preinstalled items from your phone. Note that it's usually not a good idea to remove the battery from an operating phone and might cause damage. Also, you can remove everything the 13sec trick removes by deleting it manually using the 'C' button. There has been some discussion about it

Q. Are there any usefull camera shortcuts on T610?
A. Here you will find some camera shortcuts. Note that you must have firmware version R1L for most of them to work.

Q. How do I clean up storage on my P800?
A. There is a thread on this topic here.

Q. How can I listen to recording (AMR) on my PC?
A. You will find the answer in this thread.

Q. My phone was locked to a provider, but now the contract has expired and I have recieved the unlock code. How do I unlock my phone)?
A. The instructions for the (T-series) can be found here.

Q. How long should I charge the battery the first time I use the phone (T68/T610/T300/T310), and what are some good charging habbits?
A. First time you should charge the phone for 4 hours (stated in the manual). Read this thread for more info.

Q. What is the largest memory stick duo supported by P800 and P900?
A. 128mb (and duo PRO does not work either)

Theme Creators?
Q. Where can I find theme creating software?
A. Check the
Links to Windows, Mac & Linux Theme Creators for SE Phones thread


Q. What are the official Sony Ericsson sites?
A. Here is a link to
Sony Ericsson. You will find official software, drivers, manuals, and FAQs at Sony Ericsson Global Support Pages. Go to Sony Ericsson Fun and Downloads to get backgrounds, themes, games, and ringtones. Finally The Sony Ericsson Press Room might be usefull if you want to find out about upcoming releases and other official info.

Q. I didn't find an answer to my question. Should I post a new thread?
A. Try the search first. If you still don't find an answer, post a new thread.

Bonus Question: What does Esato mean?
A. "Only Take A Sony Ericsson" as stated by laffen in this thread.

What happened to my post count?
A. All your posts are counted during the day at the time of posting however overnight processing counts how many of those were made in non counting forums (i.e. regional forum, mobile phone free forum and garbage forum) and reduces your post count by that number

If you have any questions, don't PM me, post them here instead. That way other people can see the answers.
If you have any suggestions for what I should add/change, please PM me.

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Good stuff.
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very comprehensive! well done.
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Very very handy thread, now let's hope everyone reads it before posting.
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at last !

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Very nice - even found something I was after!!

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Wow, it has gotten pretty long after the last updates. I wonder if there is a size limit
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Lolz, let's find out :D
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wrath000 Posts: > 500

FAQ updated, now 32 common questions answered.

...and I actually bothered to take the time and put in some HTML Tags to make it more readable
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Why don't you just upload it somewhere and get laf to link it on the front page, on wap as well for instant access. That would be easy. This message was posted from a T300
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