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jhermano Posts: 62

What's funny is that all this technology is supposed to make our lives easier, and save time. But if you think about it, life just seems to be getting more difficult. I still remember when there was no cable TV and there was always something on the tube. Now you have a hundred channels with nothing to watch. I mean being connected all the time is great unless a client calls you up at an odd hour or just when you dont want to deal with them.

It's just weird how things were a lot slower then but there was more free time.
Posted: 2002-04-07 10:11:00
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bjambean Posts: 476

I would have to disagree with this topic. I am of similar age to the poster (19) and don't think that technology is advancing too quickly.

I do look at kids and think wow I wish I had those toys at my age but then you have to realise that any advances in mankind's knowledge always filter down through the age groups so for our parents who never had computer games their parents never had something that they had, and took for granted.

In fact I would even go so far as to say technology "may seem" like it is advancing at a fast pace but the speed at which it filters down to the consumer market is extremely slow. I mean take cars and speed cameras if the LATEST technology was used in speed control don't you think that it would be virtually impossible to speed. It's only in the past 5-10 years they introduced a computerised system where tickets are automatically issued to the registered owner of the car. Then they introduced the cameras which take pictures of the driver and use a flash in the infra-red wavelength range as not to disturb the driver and it was only as recent as the past year where they introduced camera which calculated your speed in between the cameras so that you couldn't speed at all along the road. This was feasible many years ago but the technology takes a painful amount of time to filter through. (I am only using the speed cameras as an example)

I mean think about what you would like to do with your PERFECT handheld multimedia device. I would like to be able to do everything that I can do with a top of the range P4 laptop coupled with a cell phone and have a data connection faster than current broadband speeds all in the size of a credit card with extemely cheap line rental and call costs - imagine that! but technology is too slow!!!

I mean look at bluetooth - WOW! Amazing! No not really just common bloody sense. Think about the old really annoying remote controls that worked with sound... remember them? Well thats a method of tranfering data via sound but they were useless. Now change the frequency they work on, preferably to a wavelength that penetrates most materials and is unaudible then use a transmiter that emits the signal in all directions as opposed to line of sight (like the old controls). And WOW that brings us a whole 20-30 years further in technology from crappy remote controls to 'state of the art bluetooth'! and bluetooth is extremely slow by todays standards! I read that it transmits at 1Mbit per second (now if that is wrong could someone please correct me and ignore the next part) now considering that bluetooth is not only for phones but also PC networks what use is 1Mbit/s?? When the age old network cards that you get at computer fairs in the 'sold as seen' box for 1 can do 10Mbit/s through a dusty piece of copper! Again just using bluetooth as an example - I think its a good idea but should have come out before mobile phones became popular.

Posted: 2002-04-07 10:21:00
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pinolo77 Posts: 390

It seems that today enterprises are occupied in creating new tech,but none tries to use it.Things change so fast that we only use 1% of the applications of a product and them we have to learn how to use another one.Just think about all the promises that where made with gprs...And now it's already 3G,and in Japan they are testing 4G.What if the products lasted a little longer making our investments worth it? This post was posted from a T68
Posted: 2002-04-07 10:31:00
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Linkinpark17UK Posts: 372

I think tech is advancing really quickly in some areas, look at computers, you could by the latest PC or laptop and next year it becomes bargin basement crap if you haven't upgraded it.

But other areas could go a lot faster such as medical technology, imagine how many lives could benefit or be saved in we had fully working gene therapy.
Posted: 2002-04-07 11:02:00
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Ninja Posts: 33

another thing developing to fast is the "urban sprawl". The area i live in had lot's of open space five years ago...recently more and more houses new subdivisions, homes for the elderly, townhouses...there is hardly any land left anymore

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Posted: 2002-04-08 12:11:00
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Xeleven Posts: 64

Interesting topic! I think that a good thing about the very fast development is that technology gets cheaper all the time. I hope and belive that this will do wonders for education and progress in the underdeveloped countries. Furthermore, it's a good thing to tie the whole world together in www, as information is avaliable to more and more people (it's pretty easy to access the web today, even if some gouvernments try to ban it )
The faster technology delvelops, the faster everything else, like medicine / nano-tech develops, too. There are dangers, of course, but since there's no way of stopping it let's do our part as to make technology mans friend, and not it's enemy.
Feel free to disagree Peace
Posted: 2002-04-08 12:30:00
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arroyootje Posts: > 500

@bjambean: Interesting point of view, but don't you think that there are of course things that exist now that won't be released for another 10, maybe 20 years! I believe they have cures for most fatal illnesses, but "hid" them to make an excuse for "medical research" and to make money from alternative drugs....

They already KNOW what mobile phones will be like in 10 years and some of them already exist, I'm sure. I believe that people (=consumers) are just told things and read things and they just make do with that, don't we.... We are just guinea pigs for the producers of the so many products and services....

Most people just take what they get and don't even think about it... You watch the news, listen to what they tell you and it registers in your brain and you do something with it....

News is just another way to influence people, a slightly different way of stressing something could completely change the meaning and I think that is some of the reasons why people in different countries have different views on things....ending sadly enough in wars and fights

Ok, sorry to bore you all with this, but hope some of you will find it interesting and are willing to share your views with the rest of us

Take care!

Posted: 2002-04-08 20:42:00
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