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chaostan Posts: 68

Hi..guys I'm still new as want to get some advice fron u guys.. I want to get good ringtones but unfortunately I don have any idea for this site. Can u guys tell me how to download via I'm still new to computer. Pls tell me step by step how & which site to download too.Much very appreciate with your advice..TQ
Posted: 2002-04-13 22:12:00
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john74 Posts: > 500

ringtones are on this site
Posted: 2002-04-13 23:21:00
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laffen Posts: > 500

Please don't write HELP! as the subject of a new topic. What if everyone used this subject on a new topic? The subject field are there to tell other visitors about your problem/solutinon. Most new topics is about a problem with a mobile phone. Why don't you write "how to use ir to transfer ring tones to my phone" Isn't that what you want to know?

My intention is not to trash chaostan's post, just to remind everyone to read old posts before you start a new topic.

I have seen a lot of new topics named "?", "HELP!", "can anyone help" and "T68" etc. lately. The number of views on non descriptive topics is usually very low compared to topics with a good description.

And for the transfer ring tones to your phone, please search before you post. As the text on the "new post" page says: please search before you post. Your question is probably answered before.

I will intentionally not rename the subject on this topic just to let you see how many replies you get on a "HELP!" topic.

BTW: You'll find some ring tones for your SonyEricsson phone at

Posted: 2002-04-14 06:24:00
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Chris Taliotis... Posts: 35

Esato has everything u will need..... EXCEPT.. GREEK ringtones for the T68...!!! Can anyone help me here.. PLEASE...!!!

SomeONE help..!!!?!??!!?!?!?!?!!!!
Posted: 2002-04-14 22:50:00
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lor Posts: > 500

we lack some hot chicks
Posted: 2002-04-15 07:35:00
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