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Silfver Posts: 22

How do you think will win the WRC Rally Cyrus?

I think its Marcus Grönholm with Peugeot 206 WRC.
Posted: 2002-04-15 13:45:00
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ervil Posts: 190

Petter Solberg in his Subaru Impreza WRC will win his first rally....
He has been the only one to keep up with the Peugeot/Michelin-combination on ordinary roads.
In Cyprus it's sand and bad roads. Thats usually where the Pirelli-teams like Subaru and Ford are at their best. GO PETTER!!!
Posted: 2002-04-15 13:59:00
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Silfver Posts: 22

Sholberg is good but I think that Tommi Mäkinen, his teammate in Subaru will have a good chanse of winning too if his Subaru won't brake down or Tommi drives like nuts and slides of the road.

Some even say that Tommi Mäkinen (4 time WRC drivers champion) has been teaching Peter Sholberg a thing or to about racing and that explains Sholbergs good performance, maby.
Posted: 2002-04-17 08:25:00
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