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Hasse Posts: 35

Hey Everybody!! thinkin' of bying a camera 4 my t68, and I dont know much about this kinda stuff so could somebody please x-plain to me the pros and cons of the t68 camera!
Also... I live in Denmark and I would like to know if anybody could tell me where, and 4 how much I can buy it!

Thanx -Hasse
Posted: 2002-04-22 18:20:00
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jh67 Posts: > 500

Well for the T68m, theres the MCA-10. It can be found in e.g. MERLIN or TDC mobilcenter (unitalk/vic center) for approx 1500

The new camera coming up is called MCA-20. It requires that you use a T68i. This camera can store pictures in the camera-part itself. Its more advanced than the MCA-10. It has the option also of saving the picture to the phone itself,..and using them in the phone. And sending pictures in e.g. emails, mms messages.
I'm waiting for this camera here in DK, should cost about the same as the MCA-10.

Here are the data for both cameraes, so you can compare them :

Instant imaging is growing in popularity. The mobile camera CommuniCam MCA-10 puts you at the front of that trend, providing you with a quick and easy way to send pictures over the Internet. It's a snap-on camera that lets you take colour snapshots and send them as e-mail via your mobile phone - a fun new twist to messaging. The image resolution (352x288 pixels) is optimized for rapid transmission, which means your snapshots take no more than a minute to reach their destination. A personal WebAlbum lets you organize, label and store your pictures, and even send them to friends as digital postcards.Access to WebAlbum functionality is dependent on local operator circumstances.

Adds visual dimension to messaging
Easy to use
Fits in your pocket and weighs just 25 grams
Linked to Ericsson Mobile Internet
Recipients get the picture - with no words necessary
Supports GPRS
Takes approx. 1 minute to send an image
The first camera for the GSM network

Available colors:


A unique snap-on digital camera for your Sony Ericsson T68i. It is small and weighs next to nothing. Use the screen of your T68i as a viewfinder. When you've captured the moment, you can send the picture, save it, or use it straight away as a background picture for your phone. On vacation, you can take a picture of where you are and send it as an e-mail attachment. A mobile e-postcard. A picture can be combined to send with a sound recording and text in a Multimedia message. You can also beam a picture straight to another T68i. CommuniCamô MCA-20 will store 14 full size quality colour pictures and up to 208 smaller pictures.
Pictures taken with CommuniCamô MCA-20 are suitable as T68i background pictures, e-mail attachments and Multimedia message content. And you can attach them to the names in your phone book. When your friend calls, you can have their picture appear in the display. CommuniCamô MCA-20 is all about capturing moments. The future is imaging.

Light to carry and easy to use
Quality pictures, Colour depth 24 bit (16 million colours)
Stores 14-208 pictures

Available colors:
Metallic blue and grey



Posted: 2002-04-23 20:35:00
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Hasse Posts: 35

Hey Jan!

thanx 4 the reply but I have just 1 more question: on that t68 one, can u use the pic as ur bagground logo????

Posted: 2002-04-23 20:58:00
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jh67 Posts: > 500

Your welcome

With the MCA-20 You can use the pictures as backgroundpictures on the phone,..basically because the T68i can store pictures. You can also use a picture in the phonebook, for persons that call you

These fuctions should come with the mms-software for T68m around week 20.

The MCA-10 doesnt have this option I think. It can only send pictures to a webalbum or as an email-attachment.

The new camera MCA-20 should work with the T68m, when T68m has been upgraded with mms-software.
I will surely go for the new camera as I also have the T68i, has some very nice options, and the fact that it can store pictures itself.

I've put in an order on this MCA-20 at my local SE-store,..but they havent got it yet.


Posted: 2002-04-23 21:09:00
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