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allexdos Posts: 184

Hi guys, just thought I would share this info. If youre an orange contract customer on orange uk:

Orange high speed data plan @ 10.00/month
Includues orange care
txt messages = 7p any network (no bundles available)
standard peak/offpeak = 15/5p
other mobile peak/offpeak 30/12
voicemail 9p
free 0800 access

This plan is excellent and it includes free insurance. The tariff is initially available upon connection on a high speed mobile such as T39, 6210, T68 etc. All other models can opt for the tariff after 1 month from connection.

It is probably a better option than talk 60 or anytime 60 on orange and it is cheap to run and no need to buy bundles as the txt is the cheapest in the UK (without bundle)

Alternatively, all you econonomists who have bought contract phone instead of sim free to save some money, can leave the account on this tariff and save at least 3 per month, thats 36 pounds per year!
Posted: 2002-04-27 00:59:00
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