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TheCrow Posts: 243


The screensavers didn't work true WAP, but
I think the MMS-pictures en EMS-pictures do...

So I made a new WAP-site.
But my phone is still in the repaircenter so I can
only test it on wapsilon, butt I have no idea if it
works (downloading) on a T68m or T68i.

This is the wap-site:

I hope it works because then I can add some more MMS- and EMS-pictures. Then it will be possible for people to download MMS- and EMS-pictures when you are in the car. I will also add MMS- and EMS-card, so when you forgot to send somebody a card for his/her birthday you can send a digital MMS- or EMS-card.

So please, does someone test it for me on his/her T68m/T68i?
If you have tested the WAP-site, please add your report on this topic if you can download the pictures.



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[ This Message was edited by: TheCrow on 2002-06-16 11:22 ]
Posted: 2002-06-16 12:18:00
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DANN Posts: 86


it works for me in Ericsson WapIDE 3.2.1 T68m browser.

Posted: 2002-06-16 12:47:00
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laffen Posts: > 500


As I ended your last thread with: Please don't start a new thread for every change you do to your WAP page. Doing a search for posts by you reveals that you have been active with your page lately, but please continue in an old one

Posted: 2002-06-16 13:10:00
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