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laffen Posts: > 500

Have any of you upgraded from R1B to R1C yet. If so, could you please us know if there are any improvements? I have heard roumors that typing SMS is quicker (end of 4-5 characters behind any more)...
Posted: 2001-11-29 00:33:00
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zucchini Posts: 93

how do u get your R1B flashed to R1C? are we surpose to get the software?
Posted: 2001-11-29 01:04:00
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Perran Posts: 48

I guess you just go to your local Ericsson service shop. Should be shown in the manual or on the warranty card perhaps. They flash the phone for free.
I haven't flashed mine yet ībut I'll get back when I do so.

Posted: 2001-11-29 10:52:00
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Indeed Posts: 67

Is it like on Nokias where you lose all your information as the phone performs a Master Reset?
Posted: 2001-11-29 15:06:00
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jh67 Posts: > 500

The software upgrade is free, you dont pay for it.
No, you dont loose information on phone.
Everything is there afterwards.

I had it done on my t-39 in an Ericsson service center here in Denmark.

The upgrade later (MMS + photo-album) is also a free upgrade.
Posted: 2001-11-30 17:17:00
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