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MikLSP Posts: > 500


I would like to apologise for my preposterous absence and neglect of the A-ZoTT for such a long time!
This has been due to my commitments in completing my PhD, writing my thesis, publications and a patent but also the fact that my general involvement with SE forums is ever decreasing.

Furthermore it can be seen that the activity in the A-ZoTT has been dwindling, from receiving 15 references a day at the peak to 10 per month and less now.

Therefore, I have taken the decision that after almost 7 years I will no longer be supporting the A-Z of Trusted Traders and is to be shut down!

I would like to thanks everyone who has made use of this service and offered their support and encouragement over the years and I hope that it has proven helpful. It is a shame to see it fade away but in a way it could be seen that the reduced activity is a sign that it's job is done and esato is now a safe trading environment.

The A-Z list is now up to date as of all posts made prior to this and will remain online for reference for a period.

Thanks again and farewell



Welcome to the esato A-Z of Trusted Traders

This is the place to post feedback for traders you have dealt with through this forum.
You will find similar threads on se-nse and mobile-review which all work in the same way.

As you probably know the A-Z List is now held centrally at where feedback from all three forums is combined

For those of you who are new to this here is a quick run down:

The A-Z of Trusted Traders works by forum users posting feedback in the the A-ZoTT threads.

You can post positive feedback, negative feedback or timewaster feedback and you can leave feedback for both buyers and sellers.

Note: You must provide a clear and valid reason for leaving negative or timewaster feedback.
This type of feedback left without a clear reason will not be added to the list.

The references posted here in the threads on se-nse and mobile-review are transferred by me to the central A-ZoTT list which can be found at

When posting feedback here please make it clear whether it is +ve, -ve or tw feedback and most importantly....
post the username of the person you are leaving feedback for clearly and accurately with correct spelling and use of capital letters etc.
It is also helpful but not essential to put user names in bold so they stand out.

Also please keep this thread clean and only post feedback here, it is not meant for any general discussion, questions or arguements.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me here or on any of the other forums or you can use the contact me page on

A-ZoTT rankings and associated userbars are as follows:
0 - 4 refs: No Trader Title
5 - 9 refs: [Trusted Trader]

10 - 19 refs: [Bronze Trader]

20 - 29 Refs: [Silver Trader]

30 - 49 Refs: [Gold Trader]

50 - 74 Refs: [Platinum Trader]

75 - 99 Refs: [Super Trader]

100+ Refs: [Elite Trader]

Trusted Traders may make immediate use of the bars by simply copying the image address from those posted above. To embed the image simply add [ img ] and [ /img ] around the image address without the spaces.
You may also wish to hyperlink the image to or the list page showing your feedback.

NOTE: Anyone found to be using a trader ranking without the required feedback score will receive negative feedback for falsifying their status.

Remember to keep checking for news updates, statistics and more information.

Thanks and happy trading,

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Posted: 2005-02-01 11:29:00
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Rookwise Posts: > 500

Add another one for Merc_Man. Great items, excellent comms and fast delivery.

Cheers matey
Posted: 2005-02-02 00:41:06
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Merc_Man Posts: > 500

Please also add Rookwise to the list.

Excellent person to deal with great communication all the way.

Paid cash for the items rights away.

Definatly recommended.


Posted: 2005-02-02 00:53:02
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Rookwise Posts: > 500

My Id needs changing on the list. I used to be staz081277
Posted: 2005-02-02 01:00:54
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Sur_G Posts: 26

Add ThreeX

He is very honest and nice guy.
You cant go wrong with him!
Posted: 2005-02-02 12:11:56
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PeterKay Posts: > 500

Hey Mik, like the new look mate

Please add Merc_Man to the list once again.
Great packaging and on-time delivery as always.
Best dealer on Esato and deserves all the references he gets

Nice one Mij.

Posted: 2005-02-02 12:53:33
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Merc_Man Posts: > 500

Please add another ref for PeterKay.

Once again an excellent person to deal with.

All items were exactly as described.

Very friendly and great communiaction.

Posted: 2005-02-02 14:27:15
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50Cent Posts: > 500

Please add a ref for Merc_Man

Another smooth transaction, would do business with again

Thanks Mate
Posted: 2005-02-02 21:39:30
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Merc_Man Posts: > 500

Please also add another ref for 50Cent.

Top guy to deal with, very friendly and excellent communication.

Deal went extremely smoothly and he kept me informed all the way.

Definatly reccomended.

Posted: 2005-02-02 21:42:59
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TheWhizz_68 Posts: > 500

Please add batesie to my feedback.

Nice guy to do business with and he bought me a coffee at Bluewater cheers buddy..

Did you find your car okay? not like me

Posted: 2005-02-02 22:08:45
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