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TeleSaint Posts: 219

After I bought my T39m, it started having network problems. Some times it "locked" up, no body could call me or send me sms. But when I called someone, it worked fine again and all sms that had been sent to mee while it was "frozen" came into the inbox. Then it just couldn't get a network signal and the battery indicator just showed 0% all the time. The phone was over a month on service. Anybody know of this problem?

Just recieved the replacement T39 yesterday, and it seems imrpoved. Tekst input is faster, the menu browsing is faster (ie. no delay) and finally the name og a sms sender appears in the message not just the inbox list. Where can I fint out which software is the latest.

One more thing, I LOVE THIS SITE. Have tried finding a site like this since I got my T39 (about 1/2 year ago). Couldn't find it on any ordinary search engine. (Found it on Fast today)

Posted: 2001-11-30 11:22:00
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