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icaka Posts: 319

Thanks,PeterKay!Nice review!
What about music quality through headphones?Is it better than W950i's?Loudness?Bass?(without EQ tuning)
Battery life?
Please make some better quality pictures of the Walkman player.

Mobile Gear:Archos 504 160GB+2xLM4562+2xTPA6120a2 + balanced Sennheiser PX100s(Cardas cables)
Home Gear:upgraded Pioneer DV-79AVi + balanced PA QRV-03+D-Buffers + Grado GS1000 balanced,Cardas cables

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Posted: 2007-09-11 22:41:40
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Mrb 18 Posts: 299

Great review! Great phone!

P K thanks a lot!
Posted: 2007-09-11 22:42:08
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weaka Posts: 2

can you post more pictures taken by the phone? i just dissapointed about the quality

but overall its a great phone
Posted: 2007-09-11 22:47:34
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kanariya Posts: 3

Thanks for the info. It's a great phone for everywhere in the world except the United States.
Stuck with GPRS.
Posted: 2007-09-11 22:53:16
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matthewf01 Posts: 169

Hey Peter,

first off thanks a lot for your brief review... I'd consider it a good sign that a stray unit is showing up somewhere, but I'd imagine you worked pretty hard to get ahold of it.... wondering how you pull that off

A few questions...

First off, I've been using SE's A100 interface phones for a few generation models, but I've been interested more recently in the UIQ devices, wanting to somewhat merge what I use a PocketPC for at work (basic calendar stuff, some note-taking with handwriting recog, etc), and my personal stuff (syncing up with Google Calendar...internet, photos etc).

I've got an M600 on loan from a friend to finally get a chance to evaluate the interface... not so much the hardware.. but I do have one question about this as it relates to M600 --- im noticing that earpiece volume on this M is TERRIBLE! Can't hear CRAP. I haven't been following people's experience with this device too closely so I'm not sure if this is an acknowledged issue, but I'm wondering how it compares to those SEs considered to have a good earpiece volume --- K800 is my main phone now, so that's a good reference point I suppose. Any words on that?

Additionally, another member evaluating a unit for Sony Ericsson (jimster71) said that the device does not support the 'Today!' main screen heirarchy menu for calendar/inbox/task events, and only (and ALWAYS) shows the Walkman screen, even when music is not playing. Wondering if this is the same in your unit? I know on this M600 from the main screen I can say More, Preferences, Today, and opt to HIDE it alltogether --- might this be turned on by default, or is it really just GONE?

This is a bit larger a request but... is it possible to post a short video running down the different walkman VISUALIZATIONS? I noticed in Planete-Nokia's pictures of the phone that there are at least 5 or 6 different visualizations that may be applied. Also, can these be set to change dynamically, perhaps I would assume based on MOOD of the music?

Which leads to another question... have you loaded up any music where MOOD information was present? Wondering exactly into how many categories music can be broken down into... also, if I don't want to use the included Sony software (which since yours is proto maybe you dont even have!), and I were syncing with Windows Media Player, if I edited some music in my library and GAVE it a mood (if you right click on a track and open Advanced Tag Editor), would this information be handed off to the Walkman properly, to be sorted? It'd be cool if you could test that --- WMP makes things so easy to sync.

Another question about music... wondering if you could comment on the functionality, both on the HARDWARE and SOFTWARE side, of the music touch keys. In terms of hardware, their tactile feedback (I'd imagine there is NONE -- but now that I think of it, an option for 'vibrate on touch' would be cool), their sensitivity, their effectiveness as the only hardware means of playing/pausing music (since id imagine you can still skip tracks by holding volume keys), and perhaps the evenness of the lighting --- Id noticed in a lot of shots of the phone the lights were looking bad -- yellowish, like bad incandescent. As far as software, wondering if you can confirm what jimster71 said, that the keys are ONLY active when you have music playing in the WALKMAN player or you have the walkman widget HIGHLIGHTED on the standby screen.
I would think it would have been a smarter implementation if these keys were ALWAYS active as long as music was PLAYING -- this way I could control the music while doing anything else on the device without having to A) re-enter the walkman player, or B) exit back to standby, then highlight the walkman widget, then change/pause track.

FINALLY.... anything else different about this unit in terms of software that is different from P1 (and for my reference, I guess different from M600 )

Thanks so much, hope you can get to at least a few of these points!!!

Posted: 2007-09-11 22:53:41
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hgautam Posts: > 500

On P1 its only on the right side but on W960 is on the bottom left side as well... And I don't think I need a monochrome background to notice that green tint... I can very well see it on all the P1 cam pics (production version)...

And it seems grainy because the pics have not yet been proccessed like many other phones...

On 2007-09-11 22:26:33, benitorios wrote:
@hgautam :

the green tint problem on the P1i is on the bottom ...right-hand side of the picture, it seems. Haven't noticed this problem on the pictures that PeterKay posted, but well in order to notice it, you need a monochrome background which isn't the case in any of the pics.

By the way, i'm slightly disappointed in the picture quality, the pix are quite grainy IMO. My K750i (unmodded) takes sharper pictures than this. Hopefully the camera module will be improved before release.

Posted: 2007-09-11 23:04:11
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hgautam Posts: > 500

The green tint is also visible in the cam video...

Let's hope that final unit will have a better camera which I highly doubt...
Posted: 2007-09-11 23:07:56
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benitorios Posts: 259

@ hgautam :

My bad, you're absolutely right, there's a green tint on both sides of the picture! That picture with the traffic light and the construction light... the whole left part of the screen is yellow/greenish.... OUCH! This'd better be fixed before release
Posted: 2007-09-11 23:16:40
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PeterKay Posts: > 500

Folks, all questions i will try to answer when possible.

The Audio query throught the headset is brilliant, just tested it and no issues and can't believe how loud it is!

Today screen has GONE, well on this proto it has. Only has the shortcuts button and main menu now.

There are 6 mood options in the Walkman player, still testing full functionality, will get back on that one!

Difference in software the w960i has "payment transactions" in other section which i have not seen before! and "exchande activesync" in main menu at the bottom.

Regarding picture qaulity, more pics will be taken soon to confirm greenness!!


Posted: 2007-09-11 23:31:40
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PeterKay Posts: > 500

Free memory is 66.8mb in status.

Battery level is 76% charged Monday morning.

Used quite alot watching videos and Mp3s, so battery so far not bad.

Posted: 2007-09-11 23:35:21
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