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ben-ben Posts: 8

Just in case.

I want one or more too. I would have prefered a different one than the grey or gold but i desperatly need a new cover. Mine is awfull. I got a BIG scratch on the screen. The size of the scratch is 5mmx7mm at least.

Let all of us know when you have some.


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Posted: 2002-02-20 06:58:00
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ElGato Posts: 328

Ok.. well I haven't tried to take the cover off, it just looks hard

Anyway, I'm not going to take it off just cause there's no warranty seal.. but it's good to know, if you wanna make som changes in the future..

I've got some scratches on the display, but nothing too alarming..

Posted: 2002-02-20 20:36:00
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nightic Posts: 84

Hi, just a quick post to gauge interest in replacement Lunar Grey cover sets (both Front AND Rear together) as I'm about to speak to my supplier about getting these in and I need to know approximately how many I should order to cater for Esato forum members - it should take about 10days and costs will be in the region of:

UK£32 (US$45)

Shipping costs are as follows:

UK (1/2 days) - £1 (1st class) OR £2 (Recorded)

EUROPE (Air - 2/3days) - £1.50 OR £4 (Recorded)

USA (Air - 4days) - £2 OR £4.50 (Recorded)

ASIA (Air - 4days) - £2 OR £4.50 (Recorded)

*('Recorded' = must be signed for and is insured)

Please post your interest here or by emailing me at:

Thanks all - I'll post again with methods of payment etc when I receive the covers.

Posted: 2002-02-22 14:15:00
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Eric's Son Posts: 261

does the cover come in a couple of parts, for example, does the key pad come out? does the screen come out?

Eric's Son

Posted: 2002-02-22 14:21:00
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nightic Posts: 84

The covers are 2 seperate parts, nothing inside the phone has to be removed (for the front cover anyway).

(PS - Could someone tell me how to post a picture on the forum p[lease?)

Posted: 2002-02-22 14:32:00
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nightic Posts: 84

a photograph of the covers can be seen here:

(for some reason this only opens if you copy and paste this URL into your browser, not if you click on it)

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Posted: 2002-02-22 15:01:00
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Gaz.t Posts: 7

Im interested in one mate mail me

Oh the link aint working mate

Can also send me a pic

Posted: 2002-02-24 00:27:00
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t68 goldie Posts: 3

put me down for one
Posted: 2002-02-24 00:44:00
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ben-ben Posts: 8

Sure, I want one too
Posted: 2002-02-25 22:37:00
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nightic Posts: 84

Hi there, I'm just writing to let you know that after some frustrating delays the Lunar Grey T68 covers (Front & Rear as a complete set) are finally due to be in my hands next week. (Sorry, no news on the Gold or T68i style ones)

With that in mind I've set out my final, simplified item and shipping prices which are as follows:

Lunar Grey Front & Rear T68 cover-set: UK£32/US$45/EU€51

Insured Shipping:

UK (1/2 Days) - £2
EUROPE (2/3 Days) - €6.50
USA & ASIA (4 Days) - $6.50

I will begin accepting firm orders and taking payments from March 23rd.
Payment methods will include:

Personal Cheque/Postal or Money Order/Bankers Draft/Cash (send insured please)/NoChex (UK Only)/Wire Transfer (Western Union etc).

Products will be sent out within 24hours of payment being cleared

Please place any pre-orders as soon as possible to ensure that your covers are part of the initial shipment as demand is high.

Many Thanks for your continued interest.

Posted: 2002-03-13 14:50:00
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