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To prevent any program from being downloaded and installed on PocketPC, simply go to HKLM\ControlPanel\AdminPassword and rename the string key "Redirect" to "xRedirect". If all goes as planned, shortly afterwards you'll find a new menu called "Policy" under "System" in Settings. To activate it, enter a password twice, and you're done, and your device is now secured, yes? No, not so fast, Billy kid. Apparently the mouse trap only works for Windows Mobile 2003 and nothing more. Maybe it's kept there as an easter egg?

Still from the subkey ControlPanel, you can personalize Settings to your heart's content. Each key underneath ControlPanel corresponds to menus within Settings, with DWORD entry Group's value tells in which tab that menu resides: 0 in Personal tab, 1 in System tab, and 2 in Connections tab. The change is effective after soft reset.

To hide a menu, if not already done, create a DWORD entry called "Hide" and assign "1" (0x00000001) as the value in the subkey you want not to show off. For instance, for added security measure just in case someone's got physical access to the device, you may want to hide "Lock", just go to HKLM\ControlPanel\AdminPassword and create a DWORD entry called Hide and assign 1 as its value. Change takes effect after soft reset - business as usual!

Posted: 2010-05-11 07:16:00
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